BACtrack Updates Their Android App To Include New Features For Drinking Responsibly

If you enjoy having a drink now and again, or a few times a week, it's important to drink responsibly and make sure that you don't put yourself or anyone else around you at risk by attempting to get behind the wheel after having one too many drinks. Even if you feel safe to drive, you're still putting yourself at risk to get pulled over, and we all know how those situations tend to go. Having said this, you may or may not have heard of a cool application/device combo that allows you to track your BAC levels and determine whether or not it's safe for you to drive. That of course is determined by whatever your areas legal limit is and whether or not you're under it.

The app and device are called BACtrack, and the app has actually been out for a little while now but it has recently gotten a complete redesign in the Android version with some added new features that help to work better with the companion device. There are two devices you can use the app with too, whether you prefer the BACtrack Vio or the BACtrack Mobile device, and the app works with both of them. The BACtrack Vio is a little more parable however, and it stays attached to your keychain, so the minute you go to pick up your keys after having a few at the local pub, the first thing you should see is the Vio, and will immediately know to test your BAC levels first. To me, this gives it some extra value.

One of the features users should definitely know about is called the Zero line feature, which asks users to make an estimated guess as to when their BAC level will return to 0.00 and judege whether or not they're safe to get behind the wheel. You can also save your results from any time you use the app with either the Vio or the Mobile, and than have those results tracked on an easy to view graph. Another feature worth noting is that you can keep your results public or private, you decide. The results are private after usage and remain that way, or you have the option to text your results out to a friend or family member, or share to social. The BACtrack Mobile can be picked up for around $129.99, and the BACtrack Vio will only cost $49.99.


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