AT&T Gives Consumers More Data On Mobile Share Value Plans And Extends Double Data Promo

October 31, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


More data truly is the way of the future, and AT&T is happy to provide customers with more data through a couple new plans. Or rather plan updates. AT&T is giving a boost to the data allotment that customers get with the $40 and $70 plans, as well as extending out the Double the Data promotion on their Mobile Share Value plan. The plan updates begin on November 2nd, so there are still a few days before these take affect, but once the second rolls around anyone on those two plans will get the jump from 2GB to 3GB on the $40 plan, and from 4GB to 6GB on the $70 plan. That’s a decent amount of extra data for no extra cost, so who could complain about that? There is still the $25 access charge per line with these plans, so the total will end up at either $65 or $95 depending on how much data you need.

The Mobile Share Value plan Double the Data promotion as we mentioned above is getting extended, so you’ll have until November 15th to sign up for the deal whether you’re an existing or new customer just signing up for AT&T for the first time. The Double the Data promo gives customers a total of 30GB of data to share throughout the family plan instead of 15GB, giving them twice as much data to eat through across all users on the share plan. This is all at the normal cost for the 15GB plan so again, AT&T is giving people extra data allotments for no extra fees, which will cost subscribers $130 a month plus the per line charge which is $25. So for example, if you have four lines, you’re looking at a total of $230 a month for 4 active lines with unlimited talk and text, and 30GB of data to share between the four of you every month. Not bad.

Along with the double data, all mobile share value plan customers get free international text messaging. This supports messages that are sent out from the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, to over 190 countries around the globe. Do you currently subscribe to AT&T service? If so, are you looking at upgrading your data usage?