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A recent teardown of the most recent update for the Google+ APK suggested that Google were planning to launch a polling element to Google+. This seemed even more relevant after last month's news that Google had purchased the online polling service, Polar. Well the day has come. It now seems the suspected polling feature has gone live on Google+. Now if you have any of those burning questions inside and need a collection of strangers to provide a quantitative answer then you are in luck.


The polling feature is actually rather simple to use and so far seems to have integrated into G+ quite well. From today when you fire up your G+ page you will see a new icon appear under the 'Share what's new…' box. The polling icon is the last one on the list and once clicked allows you to generate a polling question in much the same way you would make a post in general. When tested this morning the interface was a little sluggish (especially for uploading images) but worked fine nonetheless. You can ask a question, upload images and offer choices for your audience to vote for. Currently, it does seem the number of options you can list is limited to five and at the moment it is unclear if this will be increased in the future.

So there you go. Polls have now joined Google+. So get ready folks, if your G+ feed was not already bombarded enough with information, What's Hot and recommendations you will certainly now start seeing an abundance of quick voting polls feeding down. Word to the wise though,┬ádo be careful on which polls you take part and what you vote for as the polls seem to be logging the user along with their chosen selection. So choose wisely boys and girls. Of course for the conspiracy theorists out there you should have a field day knowing Google will now be able to collect even more data on you, your choices, preferences and votes. Want to give it a go for yourself? Head to your G+ page and start your own poll. Alternatively you can take part in our poll asking which device you want to buy next by clicking here. Disclaimer – before you all shout at me for not including the Moto X 2014 (or any other device for that matter) remember the polling feature only allows for 5 options so my apologies in advance.

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