Another New Card Pops Up On Google Now And This Time Its For Police Activity

October 22, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of new cards popping up on Google Now. You should be well aware already that Google Now employs a card based system where cards are shown with brief snippets of information. The new experimental cards we have seen previously include a flight tracking card which would monitor and display the current price of flights you had previously searched for on Google flights. This was then followed by another experimental card which was designed to help remind you of outstanding or due bills. Again Google Now would effectively search through your emails and its other knowledge banks and would advise that a bill needed to be paid.

If that was not enough,a couple of weeks ago some users started noting a voter registration card. In short and as you would expect from a voter registration card this one would advise when the local voter registration deadlines were. To show how experiential these cards are this one was only noted being delivered to users in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, it seemed quite random to which users in Pennsylvania would get the card. Those who did report the cards noted that they had not previously searched for voting and as such this was a truly random card unlike the previously mentioned two which both relied on your search results or data.

It now seems another card has started randomly popping up on Google Now. Users on reddit have noted what seems to be a Police alert card. Again as you would expect from such a card this one simply alerts to Police issues in the area. The two reddit users whom both received this card (same card by the way) reported of an armed robbery in Lafayette in California. You can see form the images below how the new police activity cards look. So it seems Google is still randomly sending out these cards. Are you based in California? Did you get any police activity cards since yesterday? Would you want to? Let us know what you think of both this new card and Google’s random card system by leaving a comment.