Anonymous College Focused Chat App DormChat Brings Its Services To Android Users

Chat apps seem to be all the rage these days. With major players like WhatsApp, Facebook's own messenger, Line, and others leading the pack there are so many choices one can have for staying in touch with friends and family. The new thing now seems to be all about anonymity though, and having the capability to chat with others without them having any real knowledge of who you are. Many things play into this, not the least of which is a little bit of privacy, and one of the latest apps to bring this sort of anonymous mentality to chatting is an app that just recently released for Android called DormChat.

If you weren't already able to tell just by the name of the app itself, DormChat is focused on bringing college students a way to chat anonymously with others that attend the same school and are within a certain distance from each other. Another popular application has already been making the rounds with a similar offering called Yik Yak, which might be memorable for the fact that it has a slightly funny name on top of what it offers being somewhat unique. Now DormChat enters the competition with its own Android offering, and while it may sound to be almost exactly like Yik Yak in the regard that you have to be enrolled as a college student and have a college email address to register with if you want to use it, DormChat does seem to offer something that sets it apart from its competition.

According to DormChat's CEO Adam Michalski, what it brings to the table is the ability to create and engage in filtered chat rooms based upon specific topics and locations. Users who are within a three mile radius are able to see any of these rooms and choose the ones that they wish to participate in, and if they're interested they can still access an un-filtered feed. The cool thing too is that even though the anonymous nature of chatting it up with fellow university students may be appealing, DormChat gives users the option to be anonymous or not. Anonymous userID's are generated by the app for each user, otherwise the app will take user created profiles and implement those as chat handles. DormChat is a free app, and it's available in the Play Store now. If you're a college student, would you find this app useful?

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