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Themes are one of the most unique features of Xiaomi's MIUI custom version of Android, and it's quite a powerful one at that.  Xiaomi's theme engine not only has the ability to change out nearly every element of the user interface, it also features a market with thousands upon thousands of themes and individual elements to theme both paid and free.  We're going to take you through the steps to get a theme up and running and how to switch out individual elements and you'll quickly see just how many options you have.

First up you'll need to navigate to the Themes app located on your home screen.  This will take you to the theme store, which prominently shows a featured section right up front.  Moving from left to right you've got the featured tab on the left, middle left is the trending tab, middle right is the individual categories and the right-most tab contains the themes you've got installed on your device.  Moving to the trending tab will give you two sub tabs, the one on the left is for paid themes and the one on the right is for free themes.


Clicking on any theme will bring you into a more detailed look at the theme showing off the full style, icons used, lockscreen changes, etc.  After you click the download button and it's downloaded, the button changes to Apply.  Applying a theme takes a few seconds and will completely change the look of your device, lockscreen, icons, notifications, etc.  Even the recents screen, quick toggles and settings menus are completely different with each theme.  Let's say that you don't like one or two parts of theme though and want to change out the font, for instance, let's look at how to do that.

Go back into the Themes app and navigate to the third tab, which is the different categories for themes.  At the bottom there's a large wide button that will take you to the individual sections to change.  Once you click on this it'll take you to the components screen which breaks each themable section of the UI down into different components.  From here it'll take you to familiar screens that look like the rest of the theme sections including paid and full tabs.  Make sure if you want to apply ringtones associated with a theme you turn the section on in the settings menu of the theme app too.

Last but not least comes setting themes you've already downloaded and switching between them as you please.  Back at the main screen of the Themes app head all the way to the right-most tab to see all the themes on your device.  This will allow you to change full themes out at a whim, but again what if you want to change individual sections from themes you've downloaded?  Again go back to the main section, head to the third "categories" tab and click the button on the bottom. From here click the individual section you want to change out, navigate all the way to the third tab there and it'll contain all the parts of the UI that you've got installed.  Every section is like this including ringtones, notification sounds, etc. Enjoy your new themes and feel free to share the best ones you find!


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