Android Wear Update 4.4W.2 For The Moto 360 Adds Mood lighting And Auto-Off For Ambient Mode

Earlier we reported about the LG G Watch getting it's update to the newest version of Android Wear which brought it forward to 4.4w.2, and we also mentioned in another post that the update includes a new feature allowing you to hide notifications if you're not ready to entirely dismiss them off the smartwatch, but don't want to be staring at them the whole time until you interact with it. That is probably the most useful feature out of this update as it isn't a large one, but that doesn't mean that is all there is, especially if you have a Moto 360 which Motorola details is getting some extras due to the features of the device.

If you're  a Moto 360 owner, yes you will get the ability to hide notifications and save them for later. Other highlights worth noting though, pertain to the ambient display technology that Motorola has embedded into the device, a feature that not many probably used prior to the last update which helped the battery stay alive longer even with ambient display on all day. First, we want to point out that Motorola has added in "Mood Lighting" feature for the watch when it's sitting on the dock and charging. Since the Moto 360 display stays on when it charges, Motorola added this Mood Lighting feature as part of the 4.4w.2 update so that the display brightness would adjust based off of the amount of lighting in the room. This way if the lights are off an you're about to go to sleep, the ambient display sensor will be able to tell and adjust the brightness accordingly making it more dim for the occasion.

Motorola also points out the Moto 360 will now automatically turn off the ambient mode(if you use it)when the battery on your Moto 360 reaches 15%, alleviating any need to remember to do so yourself. Motorola refers to this as their "smart battery saving" feature. Also part of the 4.4w.2 update, the Moto 360 will now synchronize with the time on your smartphone more often to keep it up to the minute. The last couple of things that come along are under the hood improvements and tweaks, things that you won't readily see visually. Of course they have added in some bug fixes, which should give users an overall better and smoother experience. The last thing Motorola has done is lay some ground work for the upcoming capability to connect Bluetooth headsets to the watch. Nothing really major, but it's all fine tuned changes that as a Moto 360 owner, I'm personally glad to see.

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