Android Wear Could Get Volume Controls, NFC Support Soon

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Android Wear is good, but it’s about to get great. It’s going to get a huge update when Android L is released. The two operating systems will work hand-in-hand to provide even more functionality than what we currently have available to us. Android Police did a tear down of the most recent Android Wear companion app and uncovered some interesting tidbits about what we could see when the next major update is released. What they found was previews for watch faces and notification sizes, volume adjustment for audio playback, NFC support, location services, Google Fit, and a whole bunch more.

The volume controls are pretty straight forward. We already know that Google is bringing offline music support to Wear because they have already announced it. But the remote volume controls will give you even more control over that music playback experience. Android Wear devices can already skip tracks and play/pause music, but soon they will be able to adjust volume levels too. There’s some location services tweaking that will happen as well, with more fine-tuning of GPS controls on Wear devices.

There aren’t any Android Wear smartwatches that have NFC right now, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t preparing for it. The code in the new app shows NFC support that would make it easy to pair your smartphone with your NFC-capable watch, and maybe even support for mobile payments. How cool would it be to use contactless payments with just your watch! There’s also code in the app for personal unlock using proximity-based unlocking, which Google has already announced. This would allow your phone to remain unlocked as long as it’s near your Wear smartwatch, but lock itself as soon as it’s out of the proximity of your watch, and presumably your wrist. There’s a bunch more stuff that Android Police uncovered. You should hit the source link and read up on what they have found. With all of the awesome new features coming to Android Wear, I’m really excited about what’s coming in the next few months.