Android Wear Is Capable Of Playing Gameboy Color Games Through Emulator

Although it might seem just as ridiculous as loading an actual desktop OS onto an Android Wear smartwatch, playing video games on your Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 or LG G Watch through emulators is certainly more useful, and for that matter functional. Why you would want to do such a thing when the phone in your pocket that the Android Wear device is connected to can do the very same thing with a larger display, is beyond us, but it is doable and if you're wanting to give this little function a try you can apparently do so yourself. An individual by the name of Corbin Davenport was able to get the GameBoy Color emulator running on his Samsung Gear live and has it connected to the MOGA Hero Power gamepad to control any of the games that he has loaded.

In the short but sweet little video below, Davenport goes through plenty of different GameBoy Color games using the emulator showing that it can play a variety of stuff, all using the MOGA controller to do so. Yes, we know, this is a bit strange and like we said above, playing GBC games using the same emulator on your larger screened smartphone is probably more enjoyable and easier, but this at least serves that such a thing is possible. And, we suppose that if your smartphone battery dies you could still technically use your watch to play the games if you're really in the need for a fix.

Corbin Davenport is actually the same person that we saw videos from on his Gear Live running Windows 95 as well as playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on it, displaying what's really possible with the little Android Wear device. This just happens to be the latest Android Wear Project of his and we can't help but wonder what he'll get up and running on it next. In the mean time, if you crave the tiniest GameBoy Color experience you could possibly have, watch Davenport's video below and check his blog tutorials on hacking Android Wear. Would you play GBC games on your Android Wear device if you had the capability?


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