Android How-to: Theming the Meizu MX3 and MX4 on FlymeOS 4.0


One of the best trends in Chinese phones nowadays is theme support.  Xiaomi could probably be credited with starting the theme trend in a production phone, and the crew at CyanogenMod are probably the fathers of Android theming as a whole, but thankfully those aren't the only two places where you can get robust theme support for your phone.  Meizu is playing its hand at the theme game and it provides a very similar style and interface as Xiaomi, complete with a store and all for you to easily shop for and find themes that fit your style.  This means the ability to not only find themes easily, but also to change out pieces from a theme that you feel fits better on another.  It's not quite as robust as Xiaomi's or Cyanogen's theme engines, but it's better than everyone else's because, well, no one else really does it!  Let's take a look at how to go about theming your FlymeOS 4 powered phone.

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Meizu's theme app is called personalize, which can be found on the homescreen or in the app drawer depending on which launcher you're using.  Opening up the app brings you to the featured screen which shoes popular, new and well rated apps right at the top of the screen.  Each tab going to the left brings you first to the paid section, the free section and then to trending.  While there's a fair amount of free themes for FlymeOS 4 right now, there will likely be a considerable amount more in a few months when Meizu's newest update to their custom version of Android has a little more time to mature.

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The trending section features both paid and free themes and sorts the list of themes by current popularity, ensuring this list will always be different.  Clicking on any theme will give you more details including screenshots of separate sections of themes like wallpapers, icons and themed apps, as well as reviews of the theme and finally themes that are related to it in one way or another.  Moving to the bottom of the screen breaks the app into sections, with the second section being categories of themes.  This helps you find themes according to various categories like cartoony, bright and clean, based on nature, etc.  Moving over one tab in this section brings you to modules which lets you change out parts of a theme with parts from another.  For example if you prefer the icons of another theme but the rest of the one you're currently using, you can change out just that part.


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Moving over one more tab on the bottom of the screen goes to search, which actually automatically populates with popular searches and obviously lets you type your own in the box as well.  The final tab is the list of themes you currently have installed as well as ones synced with your Meizu account.  This helps keep your favorite themes stored on Meizu's servers for safe keeping when you upgrade your phone to a newer model in the future.  All in all this is an excellent way to keep your phone feeling fresh, and it's something most manufacturers still don't seem to get.  Kudos to Meizu for doing it well!

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