Android How-to: Photo Editing on the Meizu MX4 with FlymeOS 4


Sometimes taking photos or screenshots just need a little bit of editing.  Many people love using Instagram for photo filters, but Instagram really only does filters and not much else.  When taking screenshots, captions and other ways of marking up the picture are almost always something that's necessary, but sometimes it's a major pain to find an app on the Play Store that fits your exact needs.  Thankfully Meizu realized this annoyance and built their own photo editing app into FlymeOS 4, which ships with the Meizu MX4.  This photo editing app goes way beyond just the basic cropping or resizing that most built-in photo apps does, it includes an entire suite of interesting, powerful and most importantly easy to use tools to make your photos and screenshots look extra spiffy.

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If you're just looking for filters and other regular picture adjustments like contrast and saturation, open up the picture you're looking to edit within the built-in Gallery app and click the magic wand tool at the bottom of the screen.  This'll bring you into basic editing app that includes filters, brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and effects like blurring and halation.

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If you're looking for a little more advanced editing including doodles and text, navigate back to your picture within the built-in Gallery app and click that little 3-dot menu button in the bottom right of the screen, finally choosing Mark.  This brings up all the tools available to you, starting with a simple brush tool that'll let you doodle on the picture by using your finger.  There's also shapes to the right of that, and clicking any basic shape will let you adjust the size and specific shape, as well as the opacity.


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Text is super basic and lets you place text over any section of the photo you'd like, to mark it for identification or notes for later or just to write something silly.  Mosaic is a super interesting tool that lets you quickly blur areas of the photo so you can share it with others without worrying about exposing important or personal information like names or serial numbers on products.  Mosaic lets you choose from four different patterns and then how much you want to blur the image behind that pattern.  Clicking on the image drops a box that's resizeable and movable so you can place it over the exact area you need.

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Last but not least you've got the eraser, which lets you either clear all addtions or changes you've made to the picture, or fine tune the size to just erase a little bit here and there.  Finally there's a color swatch button at the end that controls all the colors for the rest of the tools found above.  Once you're all done click save at the bottom right to save a copy of the image; don't worry, the original will still be there waiting for you if you need it for something else.  Of course there's also undo, redo and share buttons at the bottom too for each appropriate action.

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