Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Report – October 10th Edition



Sprint to Update Galaxy Mega and HTC EVO 4G LTE



Remember that phone that HTC didn't update to KitKat? Yeah, the EVO 4G LTE, the one with the weird name. Well, it's getting updated to software version 3.17.651.9 and no, this doesn't bring anything special to the table, sadly, as it's just a security patch. Meanwhile though, Samsung's Galaxy Mega is getting updated to software build L600VPUBNI3 which brings with it International WiFi Calling, a security patch or two and a fancy HD voice icon. For more info on the Galaxy Mega update head here.

AT&T Update the Galaxy Tab 3 to Android 4.4 KitKat

AH Samsung 4.9 Tablet Galaxy Tab 3 May 31 2014



If you're an owner of a Galaxy Tab 3 on AT&T you're in store for a pretty big update in the next few days (if you haven't already gotten it that is). The Galaxy Tab 3 is a fairly decent device considering its price and with the update to Android 4.4 KitKat, it gets a little better. The software build will change to version T217AUCUCNI1 and if you haven't been keeping up with Android news since the Tab 3 was launched, Android 4.4 is (for now) the latest version of Google's OS and it adds a few cosmetic changes and things should be a little zippier, but don't expect too many changes. Either way, it's a nice update to have and the full changelog can be seen here from Samsung.

Verizon to Update the Galaxy S4 with Knox 2.0 and More

GS4 Knox2 Update



Verizon's Galaxy S4 is about to get updated with Knox 2.0 for enterprise users and there are some new services and apps supported. You can take a look at the full changelog above and it should hit your device in the next couple of days if it hasn't already. The software version you're looking for here is I545VRUFNG6.

HTC One M8 in Europe Gets Eye Experience Update




Earlier this week, HTC announced the RE camera as well as a new experience for HTC One users dubbed the Eye Experience. This new software basically adds feature like auto-selfies and the ability to get it to take a photo by literally saying 'cheese'. Now, it appears that HTC One M8 devices are already getting the update that includes the Eye Experience. This brings the software version up from 2.22.401.5 to 3.28.401.6 and it brings with it all the improvements that HTC promised onstage earlier this week.

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