Android Lollipop's Easter Egg Is An Android Version Of Flappy Birds


Traditionally an 'Easter egg' is supposed to be a hidden feature tucked away within a system that once found you receive a prize i.e. an Easter egg. However, the very idea of them being hidden is no longer an option as everyone typically is always aware of Easter eggs long before they have actually 'found' them on their own. Android systems embraced the Easter egg phenomenon and have consistently offered its users a different egg with every software update. If you remember back, KitKat's was the tray which contained all the previous Android OS logos. Jelly Bean (JB) contained a load of floating jelly beans while Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) contained what can only be described as flying ice cream sandwiches. Back to Honeycomb and we were presented with a buzzing bee and my favourite Gingerbread contained Zombie Art.

Once we hit the Android L preview things started to get a little weird with the Webdriver Torso. If you remember back these strange video started popping up on YouTube and created quite a buzz with people trying to understand the videos meaning. They consisted of a blue and red bar that seemed to interchange randomly although lots claimed there was a hidden meaning behind them…some even claiming alien contact. They really did by the way. Well anyway, this was Google and as such this became the L Preview egg. Of course, now we have reached the dizzy heights of Lollipop and yep, you guessed it – there is another Easter egg lined up and this one looks to be a winner.


What is it? What is it? Yes, calm down. In short it seems to be a Lollipop version of the popular Flappy Birds game. Now it is not clear how much of the game you can play or if there is a further reward for completing the game. Either way though it seems a fully functional Flappy Birds hybrid is what Google are offering. This is certainly a step up from the more mundane interactions the previous Easter eggs have offered. If this is a sign of what's to come with Lollipop then things are looking real sweet (pun intended). Now because I am such a nice guy I have listed below images from the previous Android Easter eggs to take you a trip down memory lane. Savor them as it now seems Android's Easter eggs have stepped up the game, literally.

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