Android Lollipop Brings Back 'Clear All' To The Notifications


So far the details on the new Android 5.0 Lollipop preview keep coming and coming and coming and a lot of them seem to be revolving around notifications. It is becoming clear that Google has spent a lot of time revamping how notifications are received and interpreted and so far the notification changes (generally speaking) have been pretty good. Early we saw a very sweet example of the way in which notifications are incorporating additional information and animations in their design. This not only increased the aesthetic appearance but also their functionality. Now we have some more notification news to bring to you.

'Clear all' is a function we all take for granted. I myself hardly ever use it, but take it away from me and then you catch my attention. Even though, I enjoy the repetitive action of swiping. That is not to say that occasionally I don't have to use the clear all function to quickly get rid of a lot of updates, email and hangout notifications. Sometimes there is literally too many to manually deal with and the clear all function becomes essential. Now like I said most of you will be taking this feature for granted and not hugely thinking about its impact. However for those who tested the new L preview released awhile back you will be well aware that the notification clear all icon had disappeared. Forcing users to manually swipe away notifications one-by-one. Well, for those who didn't like this feature of the L preview then don't worry. Google heard you and it seems the clear all function is back with a bang in Lollipop. Yep, the clear all function is back and better than ever. To be clear it doesn't really do much else with no improved features.


But then again not sure how you could improve clearing-all but at least it is back and many L previewers will be glad to hear it. However on a sour note it has been noted today that now the clear all function for the 'recents' listings have disappeared. It seems Google gives with one hand and takes with the other. Hopefully though this is a temporary issue and like the notifications clear all, Google will bring it back. Damn +Google and @Google doesn't seem to work on here. Well hopefully Google can hear.

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