Android Lollipop To Bring Exchange Integration To Gmail 5.0, Do Away With AOSP Email App

With Android 5.0 Lollipop nearing an official release and coming close to hitting the list of supported devices, we're starting to see plenty of applications take on the Material Design look and add in some new features that make the apps more functional and an all around better experience, Gmail being one of these apps. We learned today from Android Police that Gmail 5.0 would basically be letting users have the capability to integrate all their emails into one app, the Gmail app, so that they could keep things organized and clean and forego having to check multiple apps and email inboxes from different accounts and email services. At the time of the earlier post it was stated that Yahoo and Outlook just to name a couple of well known Gmail alternatives, as well as other email clients, would be able to be integrated into Gmail 5.0 for a more seamless email experience.

Now we're learning that Gmail 5.0 will also support exchange email, something that users have been begging for for quite some time. As it stands currently, the stock AOSP Email app handles exchange emails, so if a person has an exchange account for work, and then a few personal accounts through Gmail, yahoo, and other apps, they're entering into multiple email apps just to make sure they don't miss anything important, which is not necessarily the most efficient. This new update to Gmail will take all that away and allow complete ease of use by moving the stock Android email functions to within Gmail 5.0 itself along with other email provider services, making it one complete and totally all inclusive email app for all your inboxes.

It's easy to see how Google could make this work too, as you can currently switch back and forth between separate Gmail accounts by tapping the dropdown at the top of the app, and we imagine this will work the same way with exchange email accounts and any other services. At least, we hope it ends up that simple. One might ask themselves then, if the AOSP email functions are being rolled into Gmail 5.0 too, what's the point of having the stock email app? In short, there is no point, and as Android Police mentions, the AOSP email app might be getting the boot sometime in the near future after Gmail 5.0 begins to hit users. Would you be happy to have all your emails rolled into Gmail 5.0 and check all of them without having to switch between apps?

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