Android L (Lollipop) Developer Preview Images To Be Updated October 17th


So the wait is over and Lollipop is here. Now it is announced and I have got over it not being Lion Bar, Lollipop is looking good. According to Google it is their sweetest Android yet and I for one am tending to believe them. So when can you get it? Well, as you would expect Nexuses will certainly be the first to get their hands on compatible images.

Do you remember just after Google's annual I/O event they released a developer preview of L? Of course you do, this is the preview that all the early ROM builds and early L features were based around. Well it seems this preview is going to get updated this week on October 17th, basically this Friday for Nexus devices that were part of the original preview. So this will be the first (or next depending on how you look at it) time we will get the next stage in Android Lollipop's evolution. Now before you get too excited. It seems the October 17th release will be still a developer image and as such there are no indications as to how much would have changed or updated. In spite of this you can be sure it will be significantly better, less buggy and more lollipop(ish). However do remember that as this is a developer preview that it won't be a finished product and at present there is no clear indication (yet at least) when the finished product will land or hit. But either way, do get ready as Lollipop is certainly getting closer now.


The updated preview image will be released alongside the Android 5.0 SDK and will be able to be downloaded by heading over to the Android L developer Preview. The page has not been updated yet to reflect Lollipop and still is listed as L which is slightly disappointing. I WANT LOLLIPOP's. But either way October 17th is the date. So put it in your diary and get ready for the new developer preview…especially if you own a Nexus

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