Android Game Of The Week: Mage Gauntlet

If you like classic style action/rpg games with some roguelike elements, it's worth giving a few minutes of your time to check out Mage Gauntlet from Noodlecake Studios and Rocket Cat Games. There's lots to love here for any fan of rpg's of old, like cool magic, mages and wizards, and lots of baddies trying to stop your advancement in the most important adventure of your life. Oh, and 110 hats to collect. Mage Gauntlet adds some finely crafted humor together with action, adventure, and a great little storyline to deliver hours of enjoyment here.

Mage Gauntlet puts you in the shoes of a mysterious girl with an unknown origin, who embarks on a quest to learn more about herself and her connection with magic, or lack there of. When you set out on an adventure to find the great wizard Whitebeard, you'll begin as a simple girl with mysetrious powers who had been forbidden to practice magic all her life due to seemingly dangerous outcomes if you come in contact with it, and along the way you'll transform into a force to be reckoned with as you gain items and gear to enhance your abilities, and learn special magical skills that might come in handy against the legions of monsters you'll undoubtedly be facing. There are three sets of controls, a full virtual D-pad that is always on screen, the virtual analog stick which appears as you touch the screen during movement, and what Rocket Cat calls Pro Swipe which is basically the same as the other two options but without any sort of virtual D-pad or analog stick that shows up.

There's 84 levels in all to traverse through, half in Master Mode, and half in Normal Mode, and there's 86 achievements to obtain that are tied to Google Play Games, which attribute to your overall Google Play Games level, giving you XP whenever you complete an achievement. There's also tons of loot(the gear and weapons/items mentioned earlier)pets to collect that can help you on your journey, and a leveling and stat system to increase your skills. Mage Gauntlet is still on a 50% sale for a limited time bringing it to a current cost of $1.99. If you fancy yourself a powerful mage, you can grab the game from the Play Store link here.

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