Android Game Of The Week: Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy is an angled top down action RPG with parts of the game that feel like old school dungeon crawlers. If you played the original Diablo or or Torchlight titles, you'll feel right at home with Battleheart Legacy. You get certain elements of the old Battleheart game like the action of movement, which is controlled by simple taps on the screen of where you want to go, making controls simple but not so simple to master when you're right in the heat of battle. Battleheart Legacy features a rich fantasy filled world with plenty of adventure just waiting to be had by you. There will be a handful of different class types(6 are available nearly right after you enter the game and get to the second town)you'll be able to play from the beginning, as within the first couple levels you'll have the opportunity to pick a thief/rogue class type, a paladin, a wizard, a knight, a ranger, and a bard.

There are 12 total classes in all, although past the six mentioned above I have no idea what they are yet. What's cool is that Mika Mobile has added in a multi-class system, which allows you to learn skills and abilities from different classes making it possible to sort of build your own class in a way.  You'll be able to take on quests and equip over 200 unique pieces of gear to enhance your fighting prowess. There are over 150 skills to learn between the 12 different classes, and the animation visuals from the special abilities are definitely eye candy.

While the game may seem easy at first, as you progress you will be met with some challenge, enemies will become a little harder and you'll find yourself having to maneuver more to escape being attacked. It feels a bit tactical, but not so much that you can't just sit and choose to join in fisticuffs with your foes if you so desire. Combat is a unique real-time setup so it's possible to attack your enemies and than dodge theirs, coming out of the battle unscathed. Battleheart Legacy is a grand little role playing game worth looking into, especially if you like pretty yet playful graphics and things like boss battles and building out the perfect class type. Battleheart Legacy will cost you $4.99, but there are no in-app purchases or ads whatsoever, and there's tons of enjoyable gameplay and is easily worth the money you spend. If you feel like giving it a shot, you can grab the download from the source link below.

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