Android Game News 10/12/14: Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Quest II, Humble Mobile Bundle 9, Temple Run 2


Final Fantasy VI Receives Controller Support Through UpdateFinal.Fantasy.VI.full.131600

Square Enix has been on a publishing spree within the last year leading up to now, releasing many of their most popular titles from game franchises of year's past. One of those games and arguably one of the best they have ever released onto mobile devices, is Final Fantasy VI. While this is heralded by many as the favorite game in the series, the mobile version of the game had one issue that seemed to bug more than a few players. The digital controls. Having played through Final Fantasy III, IV, and V on my Android devices myself, I can personally say that the controls on FF VI were nowhere near the same caliber. For whatever reason, they just felt like they didn't work as well. In the latest update, Square Enix added gamepad support, and while they don't explicitly list what gamepads are compatible, most probably are. So if you have Final Fantasy VI and a bluetooth gamepad, give it a try and see if works. The update also apparently brought along some adjustments or rather improvements to the virtual D-Pad, so even if you don't have a bluetooth gamepad the virtual controls seem to have gotten more tolerable. If you haven't yet picked up Final Fantasy VI, you can find the game at the Play Store link.

Dragon Quest II Comes To AndroidDragonQuestII

Speaking of Square Enix, they released another one of their popular JRPG's onto the Play Store this past week. The next game in the Dragon Quest series has been released onto mobile devices, Dragon Quest II, making this the fourth Dragon Quest title to hit Android in the last 6 months. Dragon Quest II, like the original Dragon Quest game is a little more moderately priced than Dragon Quest VIII, as it sits at a cost of $4.99, while the original Dragon Quest can be picked up for $2.99. If you were a fan of these old JRPG games back in the day, now is your chance to relive the awesome memories, gameplay, and stories they offer, any where and anytime.

Humble Mobile Bundle 9 Goes LiveHumble Mobile Bundle 9

If you're a fan of the Humble Bundle packs of games, Humble Mobile Bundle 9 went live this week, offering up seven awesome Android games for a low price. As always the Humble Bundle stuff works with a couple of different charities, which the funds from the game bundles have the potential to go to. This bundle works with the Child's Play Charity, and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Now for the games. You can pay whatever you like and you'll end up scoring Syberia, Neuroshima Hex, and Barbarian: Golden Axe Edition, and as a free gift Humble Bundle is also giving away a copy of Devil's Attorney. If you pay more than the average which at this current time is $3.29, you'll unlock three more games, Leo's Fortune, Out There, and First Strike, plus any other future games that get added to the bundle. Need some new awesome games to play? Head to the Humble Bundle website to grab them.


Temple Run 2 Gets NFL Players Added To The Roster Of RunnersAH Temple Run 2

If you're still playing Temple Run 2, Imanji Studios has started an update with the game that will see two new runners added to the roster every week leading up through the Thanksgiving holiday. These new runners are some of the NFL's favorite football players, and two have already been dropped in with Russell Wilson from the Seahawks, and Colin Kaepernick from the 49er's. Each player will be available to use and download for the week that they get introduced, use of them after that period requires an IAP. Anyone up for some Temple Run 2?