Android Epic App Battles: Snapseed vs Photoshop Touch For Phone

If there's one thing many of us do with our phones it's probably taking pictures. Whether it be of a special event or just random pics that you can't pass up the opportunity to grab when you come across them. People say the best camera is the camera that you have on you, and in most cases these days that happens to be the camera on our smartphones. While they will still not quite match up to the quality of a professional DSLR or some point and shoots, smartphone cameras have gotten considerably better over the years and current flagships like the LG G3, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the OnePlus One take some amazing photos. While the pictures do look great in most cases untouched an unaltered, once in a while it can be nice to give them that something extra to really bring that photo to life. That's where this battle comes in, as we'll be putting Snapseed and Photoshop Touch for Phone up against eachother. Each one offers great tools to be able to modify your images, but which one is the best? Who deserves to be the champion of photo editing apps? Let's find out what you think, and don't forget to vote in the G+ poll.


 Snapseed is one of the easiest photo editing apps to use, letting you adjust the looks of your photos with just one tap using the auto button to correct color and exposure. You can of course takes things further and also adjust things manually, with tons of different options like filters, cropping, frames and more. Everything with Snapseed can be done by tapping to select your chosen enhancement and then adjusting the different values with the slider bar. You can also tweak your images using the tune image button, which helps you adjust things like white balance, contrast, and saturation among other things. you can straighten and rotate photos if they aren't exactly at the angle you'd like them to be, and the selective adjust feature lets you pinpoint specific areas on the photo to make enhancements.

There's a whole host of different filters to bring some creative enhancements to every picture like Drama, Retrolux, Details, Center Focus, and Grunge, plus tons more. Once you're done editing your images you can simply save them back to your gallery or you can also choose to upload them to Google + so the world can see your unique image creation, and you can also share them through just about any other application that supports the share feature on Android like email, messages and other social networks. Snapseed isn't terribly in depth in terms of photo editing, but it does allow for a decent level of changes you can make to images, and it's free.

Photoshop Touch for Phones

Photoshop Touch for Phone can be considered one of the top apps for editing your smartphone photos. It goes far beyond just adding filters and borders to your images, with Adobe Photoshop's core features like layers and selection tools. You can apply graphical text, insert strokes drop shadows and fades, and even add in painting effects using brushes. You can of course use filters within Photoshop Touch for Phone too, and adjustments features are there also. Photoshop Touch for Phone even has a uniquely cool feature called the Camera Fill feature which lets you fill a specific area on a layer.

You can quickly combine images together and then select part of an image by using the Scribble Selection tool to extract that section of the image, the once that's done you can use the Refine Edge feature to focus in and capture hard to select segments of the image like hair. You can also use the app to start image editing on the phone, and then pick up again by using the tablet version of the app or use the full Photoshop program on your PC. Photoshop Touch for Phone also gives you access to the Creative Cloud with a free membership, which includes 2GB of cloud storage so you can keep all your edited photos in the cloud in addition to or as opposed to the hard drive storage on your phone. Photoshop Touch for Phone also supports up to 12MP images, and keeps the highest image quality possible so your images don't get compressed or diluted. Photoshop Touch for Phone is $4.99, and continuing work of an unfinished image requires Photoshop Touch for Tablet purchase which is $9.99, while continuing work on the computer requires Photoshop CS5.1 or later on the computer.

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