Android Epic App Battles: Google Play Newsstand vs Flipboard

We all like to get our news different ways, and some of us like more than just news with our news and prefer to have our social feeds mixed in. However you get your news, this a battle and there can only be one champion between these two epic news apps. It will all need to come down to one in the end and we'll need you to cast your votes in the G+ poll on which app deserves the crown for being the better news app. First, let's go through a few things that app offers.

Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand is the culmination of two of Google's "play" apps, with Play News and Play Magazines. Wrapping them up into one package was a great idea, but how does it fare against something like Flipboard? With Play Newsstand you can discover more great news and magazines all in one place, in an easy to use and easy to read application. You can get access to breaking news in categories of your interests, and then flip over to a few pages of your favorite magazine subscription. News comes packed with all kinds of stuff like HD photos and videos, audio content and of course in-depth news content too.

Magazines are in full HD, and it features hundreds of premier publishers. Play Newsstand doesn't just get you news content from your favorite news outlets and the latest magazines from your favorite publishers, it also incorporates news from blogs. You can set your favorites or just search by category each time you're looking for something to read. If you find a news publication you haven't read before, you can save them to your favorites, or you can simply bookmark a specific article from any publication or blog that you enjoyed. Play Newsstand offers up a share button right within the app so you can share news or articles that you feel is important and want others to read, whether it's something serious or just something to put a smile on the face of the person you're sharing with. Play Newsstand also has a Material Design overhaul so the UI looks beautiful, and it gives you the ability to change the view of any publication or feed by selecting to view them in standard large card format with images, or mini card view that contains just the Title and a small snippet of the article. Play Newsstand is free, although inside it does offer subscriptions to premium content like certain Magazines.


Flipboard isn't a whole lot different from Play Newsstand, although it doesn't offer magazine subscriptions within the app. It allows you to pull all your news and news interests into one place, and you can flip through content like blogs and news publications. It may not have magazines, but it does allow you to roll your Facebook feed updates into the app so you can see your news and Facebook feed in one easy to use app. You can pick just a few interests or a lot, then simply begin flipping through as Flipboard acts as your personal Magazine.

You can save stories you love to your own personal magazine. It also has a built-in search function that lets easily search for and find news  about anything by searching for people, topics, hashtags, blogs or your favorite sites. With the social integration, you can connect Flipboard with up to 12 different social networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Sound Cloud, instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can open up the app every time you want to flip through some news or updates, or you can place the Flipboard widget on your homescreen and quickly skim headlines. Flipboard also has localized support for 18 different languages, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, U.S. and U.K. If you're not up through flipping through your own save content, you can explore staff picks and see what's trending and liked by the Flipboard team themselves. You can even add content to Flipboard through the bookmarklet at Flipboard is free too, and offers no paid content.

So, which news app takes the cake, Play Newsstand or Flipboard. Both offer a couple of unique features that the other doesn't have, and both have fairly different UI's. As we said above though there can only be one champion. Cast your vote in the G+ poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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