Android Epic App Battles: Echo Notification Lockscreen vs Floatify

We all need and want to interact with our notifications, but sometimes we just don't have the time(few seconds)to unlock the screen and drag down the status panel every time we have a notification come in just to check it and see if its important. While some of this will be resolved when Google begins rolling out Android L to supported devices thanks to the way that notifications show up on the lock screen, there is already a way to do this with certain applications. Those are the two apps we have battling it out today, and you guys decide who the champion is between these two apps that attempt to make interacting with your notifications easier.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a great option for anyone that wants access to their notifications from their lockscreen in a minimal and lightweight style UI. It feeds you the information you want to see, by helping to prioritize your notifications into different categories, that way when you look at your lockscreen you can see if the notification that came in is listed under the priority tag, and if not, you can simply put your phones screen back to sleep and set it back down or put it back in your pocket. Echo has three categories, with priority, social, and work.

Just like any other lockscreen it has a handful of security feature to keep your phone safe, and it features actionable notifications, allowing you to either swipe notifications away to dismiss them or tap on the to open up the app the notification came from. No having to unlock the screen, just tap the notification and go about your business. Echo doesn't just let your organize your notifications so you know when they're important to check and when they're not, it's also smart and only wakes your screen for priority notifications so it doesn't drain your battery. It works with multiple custom launchers too, like GO launcher, Yahoo Aviate, and more. You can also choose to show or hide notifications from your favorite apps like Groupme, Whatsapp, messenger and others that might contain personal information. There's also a feature to set reminders for certain notifications to bounce the notification back to you at a later point should you be busy and not be able to answer it, like with missed calls. Echo Notification Lockscreen is free, which is just another awesome thing about the app.



Floatify is a floating notification center, but it also gives you the ability to see your notifications on the lockscreen just like with Android L, and it looks and acts a little more like the Android L style. It runs on all Android 4.1 devices according to the developer, so compatibility is a big thing here, although it's worth noting that for full features it requires your device is running at least Android 4.3+. Floatify allows you customization of how your floating notification panels look, so you can put your own personal sense of style on it. You can also set customized tones for each app should you want to. Sometimes you might be doing something on your phone that you don't want interrupted, like playing a game for example, and Floatify can help you with the smart blacklist feature, that basically lets you prevent notification pop ups when you're deeply engaged and don't want to be disturbed.

It also supports icon packs and most major third party launchers, and you it gives you direct actions like call back and messages so long as their supported by the app that the notification came from. Floatify also features lockscreen privacy settings, and you can prevent certain notifications from showing up on the lockscreen if its personal. It also supports multiple languages which makes it versatile and open to more users. Notifications show up in a stacked card style so they stay looking organized and you can expand them for full size any time you want, with full message previews. Swipe to dismiss notifications or tap on them to open straight from the lockscreen just like with Echo, and there's a quick reply for apps like Whatsapp, gmail, Hangouts and more. Floatify is also  free.

So which notification app do you find gives you the best features? Do you prefer one that is dedicated more to the presence of notifications on your lockscreen? Or do you fancy the app that gives you lockscreen notification access on top of an enhanced notification experience as a whole?

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