Android App 'Journal' Makes The Jump To ChromeOS Devices

Keeping a journal can be many things, the least of which is therapeutic for some. It can also help you to remember good memories, keep your great ideas all in one place and otherwise it can generally just be a good location to jot down your thoughts. What if you don't really care to lug around an extra pen and a physical journal filled with blank sheets of paper though? If you're an Android user, Journal by Journey has been a great little alternative that lets you have all the benefits of a regular journal but without having to carry around the pen and paper. The great news is that Journal is now no longer just an Android app, as the developers have just released an app version for Chrome OS devices, which means you can install onto your Chromebook or Chromebox.

The app is actually available for Chrome itself, and not just the OS, so any computer that can install a Chrome browser will have the capability to use the app as this is a web app from the Chrome app store. Journal makes using the app easy, both on Android and now on Chrome, with a universally recognized "+" button that will allow the user to add a new journal entry about whatever is on their mind right then and there. One of the best features, and perhaps one of the most unique, is the "Journey" feature, which takes all your Journal entries and lists them in chronological order so you can see them according to date. You can also browse entries by dates specifically if you wish and even by images that have been added to any entry you've made.

Journal is also cloud connected, which is great because if you're already a Journal user on Android, everything you've ever entered will pop up in the Journal app on Chrome too thanks to the Google account sync. The app is pretty much as full featured as the Android counterpart, although it reportedly lacks a few features like Atlas and PDF export. This is likely because the Chrome version of the app is still in beta, so we might see these things added in once it launches out of beta in the future. The good news is, that it's compatible with Google Drive and it runs offline, so you can put in journal entries anywhere and things will sync once connected. If you're in need of a digital journal open up the web store and give it a download.

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