Android 5.0 Lollipop's New Screen-Off Animation Fades To Black And White

lollipop bw


Since the release of the newest Android 5.0 Lollipop preview we have seen a number of reports on what to expect. Most of them have revolved around little additions that although do not do much in the grand scale of things, they do actually highlight the level of detail Google has delved into when designing Lollipop. One of the best little features that I have seen was the notification animation which when long pressed showed where the notification came from along with the app icon and app settings feature. Again, this does not necessarily have great importance but does show that Google have thought of everything.

Another similar feature being noted today is to do with the screen off animation. Generally speaking, these have been rather static on stock android over the last few incarnations. However, custom ROM’s like CyanogenMod (CM) do offer more of a choice of screen-off animations. Even more so if you are rooted and using a tweak app like Xposed. I myself have been using the electronic beam one for the last year or so. For those who haven’t seen the beam they it kind of looks like how a tube TV used to turn off. Remember tube TV’s?

Anyway, back to Lollipop. Yes, in the newest Android it seems Google have changed the screen animation to what could quite probably be the best one yet. This animation is very simple to describe as when the screen is turning off the display fades first to a black and white carbon copy of the screen before eventually turning off. You can see an example for yourself down below. It seems as though the screen fades somewhat into oblivion while slowly (although to the naked eye is quite fast) fades to black and white before eventually fading to black and out. The animation below has been slowed down slightly to offer you the opportunity to see the animation at work. In real time this is a rather fast screen off with just a quick glimpse of the black and white animation before the black-out. So what do you think? Do you like the new screen-off animation? Hoping for something better? Whatever your thoughts let us know.