AH Smartwatch Weekly: SnapSnap is a Fun Remote Shutter Release for Android


SnapSnap is a fun new Android Wear that makes taking photos on your smartphone a little easier, or perhaps more difficult depending on your outlook. Either way, it's not less fun and it can have its benefits. While the Google Camera itself can be controlled from Android Wear, SnapSnap is designed just to be fun and there's no remote viewfinder fun going on here, which is a little bit of a shame, but it's not a dealbreaker. SnapSnap simply asks you to snap your fingers on the wrist you're wearing your watch to take a photo. While clicking your fingers here doesn't open the TARDIS doors, it's no less fun to play around with.

This little app isn't perfect, as the camera side of things doesn't allow for any changes to your settings, and changing to the rear camera is represented by a back button rather than a more conventional icon. Still, it's a free app and I tried it out on my G Watch with my Xperia Z2 and it did work each and every time I clicked my fingers. Granted, I wear my watch fairly tight as the app advises, but it's not a vice, and I can move my watch up and down my wrist a little with no complaints. So, there you have it, a nice fun little app that can make taking photos a little more impressive as well as just generally fun.

It is a gimmick though, and there's no getting around that. You know what's great about gimmicks though? They're a conversation starter and impress kids, so if you're a parent and enjoy taking pictures of your little one, snapping your fingers is probably a better way of getting them excited in this than fussing over them. It also allows you to take a photo from a locked phone by opening the app up on your phone and just pointing, and snapping your fingers. It's all fun and games and if I am honest, this is a much more attractive solution to me then using a remote viewfinder or something similar. I do wish however that there were a way to change some settings to make each time you snap your fingers just how you want it. Overall though, I cant complain too much about a fun, free app that puts a smile on my face.

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