Acclaimed 90’s RPG Secret Of Mana From Square Enix Lands On The Play Store

October 30, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

RPG fans you have another game to add to your Android library. The acclaimed classic Secret of Mana from Square Enix has finally landed on the Play Store. This is certainly one of the best PRG titles to ever release for any console or platform, and there is hours upon hours of gameplay here as well as one of the most epic and endearing stories you’ll ever come across. This port has been a favorite for many due to the real time combat battles as opposed to the turn based systems typically found in JRPG games, but there’s more to it than just real-time combat. The cast of characters, the lovingly crafted art and visuals of the game, the music, and of course, the time spent playing can be enjoyed for long periods of time.

Secret of Mana features a unique and accessible ring menu system that is fairly different from other RPG titles like the Final Fantasy series, which is one of the cool little features of the game. There is no somewhat clunky feeling separate menu window to deal with(don’t worry Final Fantasy, we still love this about you and we wouldn’t have you any other way)just hit a button and the ring menu appears allowing you access to your different sub menus like equipment, items, stats etc. It can certainly feel like things are easier to access as you don’t have to jump to a new screen. When accessing the ring menu you can even still see the game as it just dims the screen brings up the ring as a sort of overlay.

Secret of Mana also takes on a less expensive price tag than other popular titles from Square Enix like their Final Fantasy titles, coming it at only $9.00. It’s still kind of pricey, but when you compare it to Final Fantasy VI which is $15.99, it sounds more reasonable. It also support external gamepads, so if you have something like the Phonejoy, MOGA, or other Bluetooth game pads to connect you can play the game more traditionally. The only downside right seems to be that the game may have issues working with rooted devices. This will hopefully be fixed soon, but until then you could always just refund the game if you download it only to find out that it crashes.