ZTE Now #5 OEM In the World, #2 in Prepaid

Most of what you heard out of ZTE's event last night was the fact that the ZTE ZMAX is now official. And that was basically the entire event. But during their presentation before the hands on, ZTE also talked about a few other key aspects to their company. A couple of those facts may actually surprise you. As I was sitting there, it really surprised me. ZTE is now the fifth largest OEM in the world. Yes, the world. Not China. ZTE may not bring their "A-Game" to the US, but they are definitely bringing something here, as they are also number two in prepaid. Which actually doesn't surprise me. As they have several devices on the nations number one and number two prepaid carriers. That's T-Mobile and Boost Mobile/Virgin Mobile. They also have a number of devices on other prepaid carriers as well.

In addition to being fifth largest, they are also available in 160 countries, they are a global LTE leader, with about 13% essential LTE patents that other OEMs use. Additionally, the GoGo InFlight internet we all use when we're flying? Yeah that's all on ZTE's hardware as well. Bet you didn't know that, now did you?

Onto the prepaid side of things. Lately, prepaid has really been heating up. And we can probably contribute that to Google and Nexus. But ZTE has been making their US marketshare grow by adding devices onto carriers like T-Mobile Prepaid, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and many others. You may not even know it's a ZTE device, as a lot of time it'll be named what the carrier wants. Case in point, the Boost Max that's on Boost Mobile. However that will be changing. And we'll talk about that a bit later on today.

So ZTE's event wasn't all about the ZTE ZMAX - and damn that's one heck of a device for $250 - but they are also showing us that they are rapidly becoming a global leader. It's going to be interesting to see what ZTE does in the next few months and years, and seeing what they have to offer the US.

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