Yves Saint Laurent Uses Google Glass To Give Fashion Advice

Could not figure out how to incorporate the video that was requested. 

Lets start this article off by answering the question we know most of you are asking right now, who is Yves Saint Laurent? He was a regarded French designer who is considered to be one of the most prevalent names in Fashion. Knowing this, it was a pretty big deal when he decided to have his staff from his famous fashion house take Google Glass for a test drive to see if it made their line of work any easier.

Both Yves and his partner Pierre Berg© founded the "luxury fashion house" which has quickly become a very well known and powerful brand in the world of fashion. Well at the beginning of this month Yves had some of his staff use Google Glass for an experiment for a couple of days. The experiment had Yves' staff give clients a full makeover or just advice regarding their makeup while wearing Google Glass and recording the sessions. At the end of the sessions the staff would obtain the email of the clients so that they could be sent the recorded session shot through Glass, here's where the usefulness of Glass comes into play. This was done so that the client had a close up and personal first-person video of a professional doing their makeup as well as written instructions sent to them so that they could easily replicate the makeup job themselves. This allows the user to easily and without further help from a fashion professional, easily replicate a professional makeup job from the comfort of their own home.

Google Glass allowing professionals in the fashion world to provide clients with a very easy way of replicating professional makeup work from home is a pretty amazing use. This further shows the world, especially being preformed by such a big company, that Google Glass has many real-world applications that can drastically improve peoples lives and profession. This makes us very happy to see and we can't wait to see what other big and well known companies decide to adopt or even just test drive Google Glass.

What do you guys think of Glass being used more and more in the real world? Does it make you happy to see new and innovative technology being incorporated into it at the sacrifice of some privacy? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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