The Year Apple Went Big. Heres The Best Of The iPhone Parodies

September has been a BIG month for Apple so far. It all began back when Apple had their BIG launch event in California. It was so BIG in fact that U2 had to be parachuted in just to entertain the crowds before the BIG unveiling. Once U2 had finished and the crowd calmed, the show began. Apple launched their 'new' iPhone, the iPhone 6. However, that was not all. They also had a BIG surprise for everyone which was introduced as the iPhone 6 Plus. So what was the difference between the iPhone 6 and the Plus version? Well, that's simple. The iPhone 6 was BIG. Yep, a BIG phone compared to the not-so-big iPhone 6. This made BIG news via social media but what made bigger news was the number of jabs and mock-ups by all the other OEMs. It all began on the morning of the launch with Samsung offering a free pear in Belgium to everyone who tweeted #apearforanapple. Not to be left out HTC quickly followed suit by tweeting a picture of the HTC M8 One alongside the iPhone 6 and welcoming Apple to the party (play on the fact that they have just got some decent features). If that wasn't enough Samsung quickly released 6 videos mocking the iPhone to commemorate the iPhone 6. It wasn't just the big OEMs either. A certain 'Welcome to 2012' image by Ron Amadeo of ARS Technica went viral on both twitter and Google+.

After all this you have probably had enough of Apple gags. Only joking! Of course you haven't so here are a few more videos to keep you going until the bigger, thinner, whiter iPhone 7 arrives.


First up with an excerpt from the Conan O'Brian show. In this clip Conan introduces Jeps Mueller the apparent composer of the iPhone launch tunes to play us back through its greatest iPhone hits. This is definitely worth a listen and watch. Ahh memories!


iPhone 6 Vs Skinny Jeans

The next offering is a rather unusual video which highlights the new issues iPhone owners will encounter now that they have a bigger phone. Skinny jeans.


If iPhone 6 Were Actually Better

Credit to the folks over at Collegehumor for this one. This is definitely a video made by Android lovers and for Android lovers .Put simply this is what an Apple promotional video would be like if they actually told the truth.


Is This The New iPhone 6?

Of all the videos listed here this one was my favourite (until I saw the next one). This is humour at its best. We have all seen leak videos but not quite like this one. Don't want to say much about this as you just have to watch it. As they used to say back in the day 'Hot diggety'...or better still 'Hot dog'.


Meet the iPhone 6

Last up is definitely my favorite. For nearly every iPhone that has been released there has also been one of these videos released. These are just the funniest iPhone videos out there. You almost certainly would have seen one of these videos for the iPhone 4, 5 or 5S,  but this one beats them all hands-down. There are literally too many quotes to list, but this one deserves a special mention "Nobody likes a broken screen. You may have heard of Sapphire, but we went passed that. We worked with our engineers to combine some of the best materials you can Minecraft". Too funny!


So, that's it. That's your iPhone lot for now. At least until they release whatever is coming next. So what did you think? Which was your favourite? Any good videos we missed? Let us know.

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