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These days, tinkering with your Android device is even easier than ever before and more and more people are doing it. Not so much out of a need to do so, but more because it's good fun to tinker with things and if you can improve your own personal experience with a device, then why not? When it comes to the Samsungs, HTCs and Nexus devices of the world, there are simple and easy to use toolkits available to help automate processes that those not otherwise used to the command line would find quite difficult. We've come acustomed to seeing these toolkits appear for popular devices, but now select Xiaomi devices have access to the same sort of toolkit that works great on either Linux or Windows.


The XiaomiTool currently supports most Mi series devices, but doesn't support any Xiaomi device that's running a MediaTek processor. That means the original Red Rice and the RedMi Note are out of the questions. Now, on to what XiaomiTool can offer you if your device is supported, it can help switch runtime on your device, help pull or push files using ADB, install apps, root the device, install a custom recovery and more. Perhaps more important for those that may have imported their Xiaomi device from a slightly shady retailer, XiaomiTool can even help check if your Mi device is a genuine one. Getting the toolkit set up is pretty simple as well, with all you need to have installed being ADB and Fastboot. Check out the full thread for more info and to see just which devices are currently supported, and of course to send the developer a thank you.

It's nice to see this sort of toolkit appear for Xiaomi devices, as there are certain aspects that not everyone is happy about with MIUI, like the lack of an app drawer for instance. With XiaomiTool, users can quickly and easily change a few things here and there, and they can even install a whole new ROM if they'd like, all with just a few button presses on a PC or Laptop. Haven't we come far from the early days of Android development and hacking?

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