Worldwide Android News 09/12/14 – Carrier Billing, Xiaomi RedMi 1S and More!

September 12, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Play Store Carrier Billing Lands in the Philippines and Poland



Google has been turning on carrier billing for the Play Store for a little while now, and it’s now rolling out in the the Philippines as well as Poland on Globe Telecom and T-Mobile, respectively. For those in the Philippines, it should be more than a welcome change, as a lot of users don’t own a credit card, preventing them from even registering an account to purchase apps, so there’s that.

Wireless Charger and Cover for the Xperia Z3 go Up for Pre-Order in the UK


When Sony’s Xperia Z2 hit the scene, there was word of a wireless charging cover that was going to be available, but it never appeared. Now though, it looks like Sony UK is looking to actually deliver with the WCR14 for the Xperia Z3, which is available to pre-order from Clove UK for £49.99 and it’ll work with whichever Qi charger you so choose, but that is pretty pricey, we’ll admit.

Meizu’s MX4 to be Available in White

Meizu-MX4-Pro-white-version-leak_5 (1)

As we reported earlier in the week, it looks like the new Meizu MX4 will be made available in white as well. While this isn’t earth-shattering news or anything, it should be nice for those looking at the new device but wanting it in a new and different color choice. It’s nice to see this latest Meizu be available in more than one color and it should also be available in a “Pro” version as well.

Xiaomi to Sell A Further 40,000 Units of the RedMi 1S on September 16th

Redmi 1S (6)

Now that Xiaomi has officially launched in India, it’s no surprise that the Indian public is having to deal with Xiaomi’s somewhat annoying sales policy. The company manufacturers their devices in batches, and sells them off like that, with the last batch of 40,000 phones taking just 4.2 seconds to sell out. The company has said however, that come September 16th, people will have another chance as a further 40,000 will be put up for sale. With registrations far exceeding the amount of devices that Xiaomi has to offer though, it wouldn’t surprise us if there were a lot of disappointed Mi Fans next week.