Want To Trade-In For A New Device? Do it Quickly, As Prices Drop Within One Month


CompareMyMobile has been around since 2009 and is an impartial source for mobile phone, tablet and gadget recycling – providing customers with the information they need to make the right decision when it comes to trading in their used devices.  They monitor over 100,000 prices for more than 4,000 devices in nine different categories

These years of new Samsung releases has taught CompareMyMobile many interesting facts and figures.  One interesting tidbit is that when a new Samsung device is launched, within just one month, the older devices can drop as much as $99!  The rush to trade-in older devices to purchase the new one forces recyclers to lower their prices.  So if you want to purchase a new Galaxy Note 4, sell your Note 3 now while you can still get top dollar.  For instant, the top prices offered before the Galaxy Note 3 came out were, in August 2013: Galaxy Note 2 was $415, the Galaxy S4 was $525 and the Galaxy S3 was fetching $335.  Top prices in November 2013 – one month following the launch of the Note 3, the pricing shifted downward: Galaxy Note 2 went down to $345, the Galaxy S4 dropped to $428 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 fell to $271.


Because Samsung sells so many phones, they naturally have the most trade-ins – for instance, during the first quarter of 2014, Samsung had a 36.90-percent trade-in figure.  It rose to 42-percent in May 2014 following the release of the Galaxy S5, so it will be very interesting to see what happens with the release of the Galaxy Note 4.  The top three Samsung devices traded in are: Galaxy S3 at 13.39-percent, Galaxy S4 at 4.05-percent and the Galaxy S2 at 3.33-percent…the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the eleventh top traded device at 2.05-percent.

The top ten Samsung traded-in phones on CompareMyMobile are: 1. Galaxy S3 – 13.39 percent, 2. Galaxy S4 – 4.05 percent, 3. Galaxy S2 i9100 – 3.33 percent, 4. Galaxy S3 Mini – 2.32 percent, 5. Galaxy S5 – 2.31 percent, 6. Galaxy Note 3 – 2.05 percent, 7. Galaxy Note 2 – 1.93 percent, 8. Galaxy S4 Mini – 1.09 percent, 9. Galaxy Ace 2 – 1.01 percent, 10. Galaxy Ace – 1 percent. During the first quarter 2014, when it comes to value, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in second at $452 and the Galaxy Note 3 comes in fifth at $420.  The Galaxy S4 LTE at fourteenth for $262, the Galaxy S4 at sixteenth for $247, the Galaxy Mega at seventeenth for $234, followed by the Galaxy Note 2 for $224. The following are the current top prices offered for the top Samsung devices on CompareMyMobile: Galaxy S5 – $453, Galaxy Note 3 – $426, Galaxy S4 – $260, Galaxy S4 LTE – $257, Galaxy Note 2 – $239, Galaxy Mega – $209, Galaxy S4 Mini – $198, Galaxy S3 – $148, Galaxy S3 LTE – $145, Galaxy Note – $142, Galaxy S3 Mini – $86, Galaxy S2 i9100 – $84, Galaxy S i9000 – $61. Please hit us up on on Google+ Page and let us know if you plan on selling your device to buy a new one and if you are selling ASAP to get the most money…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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