Verizon Wireless Announces Auto Share As Their Launch Pad For Building A Sharing Platform

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Smartphones have changed the way we share things. From photos, to stories, to the sounds of the best new singles and albums of our favorite artists. They have even been integrated into the way that we share vehicles, something that’s evident in the ride share space from companies like Zipcar as all you have to do is open up the app, search for nearby reservations options, reserve the vehicle and you can now even unlock cars using the app. Verizon wants to take the way we share and really build on it though, and not just with vehicles. Essentially they want to provide a way to where users could do something as simple as scanning a QR code with their smartphone and then rent or reserve whatever it is their scanning.

Verizon is beginning this adventure with a service called Auto Share which they have just announced this morning, something akin to Zipcar, Get Around and Car2go. Auto Share will basically have the QR codes placed on the windows, which users will be able to scan presumably using an app, after which the vehicles unique ID would be verified and the vehicle unlocked, with the keys to operate the vehicle inside. Verizon is using Auto Share as the developing launch pad for a complete and robust platform in an economy where sharing has become more abundant and a very natural part of the day to day.

Verizon expects to have Auto Share available sometime by the end of this year, which is only a short few months away. After Auto Share launches, down the road Verizon hopes to bring all sorts of other sharing services to the forefront so subscribers on Verizon Wireless could simply walk up to anything they were looking to reserve or rent(share)and use those products as they need through the same platform. It’s not a bad idea where often consumers can find themselves wanting or needing the use of something for short periods of time, and creating a sharing platform can serve as a great way for people to get a hold of things they might need while they need it, and then let them go to open them back up as sharing options for others. Vehicles are great examples of this as you could reserve and share rides to get things done like grocery shopping or a quick transport, but Verizon is thinking bigger with potentially all kinds of opportunities and different services and products, like boats, heavy machinery, music, videos, and even parts of the cloud.