Verizon Has The New Moto X For Sale for $99 On-Contract

Notice to anyone on Verizon: this one is definitely for you.  Okay, so pretend we're in Chicago, at Motorola's reveal and announcement event for the Moto X and Moto G, second generations.  Know how happy you might be looking at the back and seeing a Verizon Wireless check-mark on the back?  Imagine that device in your hands and pockets, working on the United States' largest and fastest cellular network, especially playing well with Verizon's LTE network.  Now, remember where you are right now in reality, and check the source.  Verizon has the second generation Motorola Moto X on sale, as of right now, for $100 on a new contract for two years,or for as low as $25 per month on Verizon's EDGE program, and $500 outright, no contract attached.

The big deal is that Verizon in huge and has great coverage and service.  The Moto X second generation is arguably the bigger deal, with its overall improved nature compared to the first generation we saw in 2013.  Let's actually pause the fanfare and rejoicing to recap the specs of this nifty little trick pony.  The second generation Moto X boasts an increased screen size, from 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches diagonal, and the resolution increases from 1280 by 720 to 1920 by 1080 (720p to 1080p, to make it simple).  The battery got increased a bit to 2,300 mAh from 2,200 last year, so you get that little extra boost in juice and use time.

The new Moto X also features a greatly improved Snapdragon 801 processor and 2 GB of RAM to smooth out the near-stock Android experience.  The device's camera got both a megapixel count increase, from 10 to 13, and a quality improvement, yielding better look and better quality photos compared to last year's model.  The storage space internally for the Verizon model is limited to 16 GB, sadly.  But, back to the good things.

The new Moto X also is graced with the new suite of Moto apps and services, letting you now customize what you wake your Moto X from sleep with, instead of the generic 'Ok Google Now' of yesteryear, as well as a nifty new set of four (one in each corner of the front of the phone) infrared sensors, so you don't have to pick up your phone.  They let you wave your hand over the device and interact with it much like you could with the somewhat gimmicky Samsung Galaxy S4.

The second generation Moto X features an improvement in every corner and aspect over the original from last year.  If you are the type of person to stick with a contract, since you don't need the cutting edge every two months or so, and you're eligible for an upgrade, seriously consider picking the Moto X up from Verizon.  If you aren't into contracts, then still consider this one since it's still such a unique device.  If you hate contracts and feel like you should be able to take your cell phone and business wherever you please, then consider getting the new Moto X unlocked and unsubsidized.  If you are looking into getting the new Moto X, what single feature draws you to it?  If you haven't considered the Moto X, what things put you off about it?  If you have or had the original Moto X, would you consider a next-year upgrade to this year's? If you need help, check out Alex's pretty great review and let us know down below.

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