Verizon HTC One M7 Owners Get Official TWRP Custom Recovery Support

Verizon HTC One M7 owners appear to be getting their first official taste of support from Team Win, as TWRP custom recovery is now officially supporting the original HTC One for VZW. We realize that it's now around a year and a half after the device has released that it's just now getting support, but it's better late than never right? If you root and flash custom ROMs to your devices, then you already know that a custom recovery is something that you'll want to have flashed on your device, and TWRP just so happens to be one of two extremely popular options for this, with ClockworkMod being the other.

If you favor TWRP over anything else, the download page to flash the custom recovery to your Verizon M7 is now available at their official download page which you can find at the source link below. You can install the custom recovery in one of two separate ways, one of them being recommended for the more experienced flashers who will be looking to get this on their devices as soon as they possibly can, and that's the Fastboot method. If you aren't quite brave enough to try the Fastboot method, you can always install via Android with Team Win's application called TWRP manager, which they mention is the preferred method but it also requires root, where as the Fastboot method does not so it's a give and take situation. If you don't have your device rooted, then it seems you're left with the Fastboot method to get this recovery onto your M7, however we would simply recommend going the easier of the two routes, whether that be Fastboot without root, or rooting and then installing via the Android app.

Since the HTC One M7 has been out for quite some time, you can expect to find some level of development for customizing the device to make it more your own, and of course we're talking about ROMs. TWRP's user interface is just one of the things that makes it such a popular option for going into recovery mode, as everything is able to be interacted with from use of the touch screen instead of hardware buttons. Are you excited to see TWRP support for the Verizon M7? Do you still use this device and if so will you be flashing?

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