Using A Smartphone And Tablet In-flight To Make Calls Just Took A Big Step Closer


It seems that, to use your smartphone or tablet to access the internet, check emails and even make calls took a massive step forward today in Europe. Today the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced they have lessened restrictions on airlines in regards to personal electronic devices (PEDs). According to the announcement EASA have made it possible for airlines to allow passengers to use their PEDs throughout the flight. Although this has always been possible the new adjustment clearly stipulates PEDs can be used regardless of whether they are transmitting a signal – basically whether or not the device is in the infamous 'Airline Mode'.

Before you get too excited and start booking a flight just so you can update your status to "@ 30,000ft". It is worth remembering that all this means is EASA have lessened the regulations of using PEDs in the air. It will still be up to Airlines to choose whether they want to implement the changes made by EASA. Airlines do make their own policies and in matters such as this you will probably find airlines still "require" you to make sure your devices are in Airplane Mode. With this in mind, EASA do suggest that from today passengers check their airline's website for their current policy on PEDs. Further adding that using your device while onboard should not distract you from paying attention to the Safety Video…Yes folks, we all know that we all hate the videos but they are for your own safety.


If you want to know more about the changes made by EASA then you should head over to their website and read the announcement in full. It's also worth noting that EASA have compiled a small list of frequently asked questions in the form of a rather neat newspaper article that poses as an interview with a PED. Not a typo folks. Read what the new changes mean for a PED from a PED's perspective by clicking here. So, are you glad EASA have made these changes or do you think flights are about to get a whole lot more annoying with the chap next to you constantly calling everyone he knows? Let us know what you think about the changes

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