Update To XE21.0 For Google Glass Announced


Well Google Glass owners, today is your lucky day, this morning Google announced the update to version XE21.0. But don't get too anxious as Google has said that the update is not available for download just quite yet. According to the release notes it may be up to a week before users receive the update.

With the new software update to version XE21.0 comes a couple of very cool enhancements. The first one being quicker updates for flights and sports. This means that users will only have to wait a few seconds before they are updated on flight information as well as sports scores. The second enhancement is a bigger one that will hopefully make using Navigation on Glass better, Waze integration. Yes, that's right folks, you will now get accident indicators to help you avoid potential traffic when navigating using Glass. The same Waze integration on Android made Navigation much better at what it did, hopefully it will do the same for Glass.

This update comes right behind the substantial last update to version XE20.1 that Glass received about three weeks ago. This big update brought the ability to view all of your contacts, "head nudge" got it's own card and settings, Google Now nearby events, Google Now currency converter, and most importantly, more voice actions. The new voice actions were for use during a call or after recording a video or taking a picture. As you can see XE20.1 kind of dwarfs the XE21.0 update but it's important to remember that they are both important updates, just for different reasons.


In the grand scheme of things this is a pretty minor update to the Google Glass software, but there is no doubt it will make using the device more convenient. Like we said above, even though the update has been announced and detailed this morning, it will not actually be available to download for about a week. A little patience is in order here people but it will be worth the wait.

If you want to check out the official release notes for the XE21.0 update to Google Glass then you can click here to be taken right to them.

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