Top Android Homescreen September 12th Edition: Avenue

Now that the madness from IFA is over with, we have another Top Android homescreen for you to sink your teeth into. This is a clean and simple design, and is definitely geared towards the minimalist who believes in the "less is more" approach to the customization on their Android device. There isn't a lot of frills and widgets, there's certainly not an overcrowded setup with too much going on, and although some of the really intricate homescreens that we have featured before are great and absolutely deserve some praise, sometimes simple is best.

This homescreen is called "Avenue," and was designed and set up by Corrado27, someone who we seem to have featured designs from quite a bit, but what can we say, the guy puts out some stunning homscreens. With that let's get into the design real quick and then we'll go over what Corrado27 used to create the look so you can grab the design for yourself. Things are pretty open here, as the only things on display are a simple slim widget up top with a couple key details like the battery bar and percentage along with the Google Search mic button, and a two small widgets at the bottom. The first bottom widget has information in small clean text for the time, alarm, and the weather details, while the second widget is a slim bar in place of the navigation bar with shortcuts for apps. Although Corrado has Phone, SMS, Gmail, Facebook and Music as the selected shortcuts, we imagine those are changeable.  lastly, there is a three dot button off to the right side of the screen that is most likely used for opening up the app drawer, although if you're like me I tend to leave these buttons off my display and use the swipe gestures to access the app drawer instead. It's all personal preference.

Now for the quick rundown on what you need to set this up. As per usual you'll need a third party home launcher application, Apex or Nova, the Pro or Prime versions of the apps are needed here. You'll also need Zooper Widget Pro, then you'll need to set your homescreen margins to "none." The status bar widget requires you to select a 7 x 1 Zooper Widget, and the Apps and details requires the selection of a 7 x 2 Zooper widget. That's it. All your needed downloads for the Zooper files can be found on the mycolorscreen page for Corrado's homescreen via a dropbox link, and you can find a link to the mycolorscreen page below. If you like the setup, be sure to give Corrado27 some appreciation and hit the Love button(you'll need to be signed into mycolorscreen to do this)and at the very least give the picture of the homescreen a "zoom." Happy theming and have a great weekend!

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