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It's nearly that time of year again, and while Pumpkin Spice Latte's are already gracing the hands of millions as they rush in to savor the first flavors of Fall, the actual season still doesn't technically start for another few weeks.  Regardless of that though some of us just can't wait to get all the great fall traditions started and the decorations out, and part of those decorations of course are on your phone.  Where else can you completely change the look of your phone to match the season and holiday than Android?  No where of course, and that's what we're celebrating here!  Why top 11 though and not top 10?  Simply because we couldn't bring ourselves to eliminate any of these from the best of the best list, so we didn't!  Let's take a look at all the Play Store has to offer and see what can be deemed as the best of the best in the live wallpaper category.


Autumn Tree

What better way to start this out then to display what's most prominent about Fall: the leaves!  Autumn tree is by Kittehface software, who's got a pretty great pedigree on the Play Store for high quality live wallpapers.  Autumn Tree features a closeup of any tree you choose from its list including Birch, Cherry, Japanese Maple, Maple, Oak, Poplar, and Ginkgo.  In the foreground you'll find a focused view of the tree and a nice bokeh depth of field effect for the branches and leaves in the background.  Everything in the scene is fully customizable from the leaves to the bark and even the background color, and includes time of day color changing as well as Daydream support for those that like to keep their device docked.  Everything is gorgeously rendered, and there's even a free version with less options so you can see how it looks and runs on your device first.


Season Zen HD

Season Zen is one of the first big wallpapers put out by epic developer Dual Boot Games, and features a scene that changes throughout the year to give you the true feeling of all four seasons in a woodland park.  The scene features a prominent branch up front with leaves, a bird and its nest, with a bench and the woods in the background.  The scene features plenty of customizable options including butterflies, eggs in the nest, different backgrounds, and obviously seasons that change.  This one also features a free version to try out and the full version features all the options for a few bucks.


Falling Leaves

Leaves falling off a tree is indicative of Autumn, so it makes plenty of sense that Falling Leaves live wallpaper would be a perfect representation of the season.  Falling Leaves is a pretty simple but visually stunning live wallpaper that features various trees in the foreground with leaves falling off of them, and a background that can be changed either manually or via time of day preference in the full version of the app.  The art work is super high res and is really something to behold.  Give the free one a shot and if you like it the full version comes with quite a few customization options as well as five total backgrounds.


My Season Tree

My Season Tree is another setting that changes all year long with each season, and it features some absolutely gorgeous high resolution artwork to boot.  Various parallax layers scroll across the screen to give a fantastic sense of depth to the scene, and the entire scene changes with each season.  In the spring the tree is green, with bees and butterflies buzzing around in the flower covered field, and of course in the fall the field is an amber brown with red flowers, coupled with a gorgeous red tree to make the season feel right.  There are only a few customizable options here, including engraving any initials you'd like on the tree, but all of the seasons are only available in the full version.



Forest Live Wallpaper is a stunning minimalist live wallpaper that features a mountain forest with complete scene customization.  The wind blows through the trees constantly, and you can even set the weather to reflect the real-time weather outside your window, giving you that extra layer of reality to your minimalist senses.  The best part about this app is that all options are free, including all the customization and weather ones, and you can donate within the app to the developer for some extra beta-testing goodies when they get released via updates.  The wallpaper has seen significant updates since it launched a few years ago, which is impressive for an app that doesn't actually cost anything, much less some of the ones that do!


Fresh Leaves

Developer is another one of those developers whos work pretty much always stands out among the crowded rows of apps on Google Play, and Fresh Leaves live wallpaper is no exception.  Originally made as a spring/summer type of wallpaper with green leaves and lots of options for the background ranging from a clear day to a thunderstorm at night, maxelus has updated it to include all the seasons since then.  Featuring high res textures and beautiful, realistic animations of the leaves blowing in the wind, Fresh Leaves gives you that macro-style view of green, golden and snow covered leaves to suit any time of the year.  Fresh Leaves is $0.99.


My Log Home iLWP

My Log Home iLWP gives you a fully interactive cabin scene complete with 8 different sections to view to give maximum variety to the theme.  Rotating around in the cabin is super easy and can be configured to move freely, by scene or not at all, and there are plenty of interactive objects in each room to play with too.  Featuring some of the best visuals ever to grace any phone, the scenes in My Log Home are downright gorgeous and super realistic, and with plenty of different visual filters to play with there's always something interesting going on in this live wallpaper.  My Log Home is $2.79.


Radiant Walls HD - PlanetScapes

Looking to add a little sci-fi to your autumn this year?  Look no further than RadiantWalls HD Planetscapes live wallpaper to bring that to the table, featuring 3 different stunning scenes set in a far off alien world, but still feeling a bit like Earth's seasons in every scene.  Summer, Fall and Winter are effectively what you'll find in the selections provided, and all of them scroll and animate gorgeously and have super high resolution artwork to boot.  Avalon Falls, the scene you see above, is the one included in the free version, and for $1.50 you can unlock the other two scenes to use throughout the year.


Seasons Autumn

If you're looking for a little more vibrant and cartoony type of wallpaper than the rest of the ones feature here, you've come to the right place.  Seasons Autumn is oddly named since it features not just the four seasons throughout the year, but also a ton of different holiday variants on the scene including Halloween, Christmas and Easter.  Super high resolution artwork scales well no matter what device you are using, and there's plenty of cool little touch elements found throughout the scene such as leaves blowing off the trees as you touch them.  There's also rich time of day support that shows each themed scene in different lights of the day, creating a gorgeous scene that's different all day long.  The base wallpaper is free and offers different scenes as in-app purchases.


Autumn Trees

Following more of a skeuomorphic type of design with elements in the scene deriving from actual pictures, Autumn Trees live wallpaper features tons of different options to change up the scene and give you a different look all day and season long.  Each tree featured in the live wallpaper was derived from an expertly captured photo on Flickr, and there are plenty to choose from too.  Change the leaf colors, flowers in the field, seeds and more, and there's real time-of-day support too so that the scene automatically changes with your actual time to reflect a truly realistic feeling wallpaper on your phone.  The base version is free and includes one tree, while the full version is about a dollar.  Check out the developer's other series of trees ranging from every season and shape of tree if you like this one too.


Tap Leaves

Last but certainly not least is Tap Leaves live wallpaper, which shows a hyper realistic scene of close up leaves on your home screen.  These leaves blow in the wind and realistically react to touch by shaking and then slowing back down to blow in the wind again.  There are more color options here than you can shake a stick at, and time of day support shows things like sunrays in the morning, butterflies at mid day and fireflies at night.  Simply one of the most gorgeous live wallpapers on the Play Store, Tap Leaves can be had for free with limited options, or all the features can be unlocked for a mere dollar.

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