Top 10 Poker Games and Apps for Android

September 25, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Whether you’re sitting down to a game of Poker with your friends or looking to play online or even offline Poker, our Top 10 list of Poker Apps and Games for Android should be everything you need. So take a look below!

Zynga Poker



If you’re looking for a decent all-round Poker game to play online with others, Zynga Poker is a very good option, but it can be a little troublesome with all of the notifications and that sort of thing. Still, you get a lot of free chips when you first sign-up and you can invite your Facebook friends, too. Overall though, this is a Poker app that just works without asking too much from you, you don’t even have to be that good at Poker for this!



Video Poker and Double Up



Remember Video Poker? Want to play it once again? Then this is the game for you, it’s a classic return to good old Video Poker, there’s even a coin slot for more quarters! It’s also a game where you can chat to your fellow players and those that are particularly skilled are rewarded each month. Sure, this isn’t a game for those looking for a true Poker experience, but if you have fond memories of Video Poker, this is the one for you.


Ultimate Dice


So you’re sitting down to a game of Poker with your poker buddies and you decide to bring some dice in the game. One problem – none of you have any dice! With Ultimate Dice, you can dictate how many dice you can use, up to six max, and all you need to do is shake your phone and if you’ve got some dice that you and your buddies can work with as you play. It’s a simple app, but the dice look good and it just works, which is all you really need in a situation like that, especially if you’ve lost your dice.


Poker Friends

pokerfriendsmain (1)


Speaking of your poker buddies, Poker Friends is an online Poker game for Android that we recently reviewed. The main draw of Poker Friends is that it’s all about playing online with your Facebook friends. It’s super-easy to sign-in with your Facebook Account and invite them into a game, it handily tells you who’s already got Poker Friends installed on their device and you can simply invite them to install the game and get playing along with you.


Poker Hands



Poker Hands is a simple app that does exactly what it sets out to do – it teaches you Poker Hands! It’s got photos throughout to help you get to grips with what the colors and suits should be, which is a nice touch for complete beginners, but for those looking for something a little more thorough, there’s also some detailed schedules and plans and such included, too. Overall, a good app built with a modern UI that can teach you the key hands to look for.



Liar Poker Dice



Liar Poker Dice is a game that focuses on the main aspect of keeping your nerve and making sure that your opponent cannot see your ‘tell’ or suss you out and figure out if you have a good hand or a bad hand. It’s a game that uses just dice as well as the single-hand rule, so it’s less about luck and more about whether or not you made the right bids or if you have a poor poker face or not. Overall though, this is a nice option if you want to experiment with Dice in your Poker games.



World Series of Poker



So, you want a Poker game that enables you to play online with other players at a higher level than yourself? You want to play in the big leagues? Well then World Series of Poker is the Android app for you, with some of the best online Poker play you’ll come across. We reviewed the game some time ago, and found it to be a great game for the hardened Poker player, upping the ante on other online tournament games.

Poker Guide HD



Poker Guide HD is one of those guides that will appeal more to the casual player and someone that wants a little less of an in-depth guide and something that they can get to grips with nice and simply. It looks really good on either your tablet or your smartphone and it’ll quickly help you get to grips with the poker hands and strategies that are most common when you get started.



Dice Poker 3D


Dice Poker 3D is another take on Dice Poker, but this one is set on the Pirate ships of olde, with some groovy graphics and a real ye olde school look and feel. It’s a game that should appeal to all Pirate fans and Poker fans as well as fans of recent Assassin’s Creed games as well. If you like player Poker with more than one ‘r’ then this is the game for you.



Governor of Poker 2

governor of poker 2


For some reason, this unsung hero of the Play Store, is hidden away as “TEXAS HOLDEM POKER OFFLINE” which makes no sense. However, it is a great tongue-in-cheek Texas Hold ‘Em game with some extra features. You can play in the Wild West and claim land, houses and that sort of thing at the table when you hit it big with those Poker hands. Besides that, this is a cool, Wild West Poker game that shouldn’t disappoint.