Featured: Top 10 NFL Football Apps for Android – 2014


Fall is nearly officially here, at least according to the calendar, but for most people one of the biggest coming events of the Fall has already started.  American Football is what we're talking about here, specifically the National Football League, or NFL as most people would rather call it, and it's a huge celebration of fun, sportsmanship and rivalry.  Throughout the Fall there are plenty of different celebrations and events that go on, but football is a constant for many, and getting more football is what makes fall better than practically any season in the rest of the year for some folks.  That's why we're here to bring you the 10 best football apps for Android, which range from realistic games to stat counters, live football games on your phone and fantasy football leagues to play with friends, so let's dive into the list!

NFL Football Schedule & Scores



What better way to start off your NFL season than to know exactly when and where your favorite teams are playing?  Never miss another game with the built-in alarm feature that will remind you exactly when your team's next game is coming on.  As the name of the app implies this one isn't just about scheduling though, it also includes scores for when you can't remember the outcome of a game or just want a quick look at who won what game and how badly the other team lost.  NFL Schedule and Scores is free.playlinkmaster7

NFL Live Wallpaper


After you get your alarms and schedules all set to remind you when your team's next game is, why not deck your phone or tablet out with crazy NFL apparel right on your home screen?  With more options than you can shake a stick at, and so much customization your nose might just bleed, NFL Live Wallpaper by Cellfish Studios oozes with quality as the rest of Cellfish' Studios wallpapers do.  The app is free to download and comes with one NFL team, and you can unlock varying teams and things to display from within the app for a fairly minor cost.playlinkmaster7


NFL Scores & Alerts


Out somewhere where you can't watch or listen to the game, but have that itching feeling and need to know exactly what's going on while you twiddle your thumbs at work or where ever else?  NFL Scores & Alerts is what you're looking for, and it lets you do everything from getting alerts about finals scores of games, and even will give you live play-by-play alerts to any game you're subscribed to.  The app and some basic features are free, and there are in-app purchases for more advanced features and alerts.playlinkmaster7



NFL Mobile


One of the NFL's dozens of official apps, NFL Mobile gives you highlights, up to the minute info, and all sorts of other goodies in video form on your phone or tablet.  Watching live games is super easy with the NFL Mobile app, but requires a subscription to do so.  Verizon customers get all kinds of perks here, including extra goodies and free content including access to live games for free if you're on the More Everything plan from Big Red.playlinkmaster7

NFL Fantasy Football



Can't get enough of watching football and would rather hold your own games?  Want to be a team owner but don't exactly have the kind of cash that sort of thing requires?  Fantasy Football is exactly what you're looking for, and it brings exactly what you likely already know and love about the game of fantasy football to your phone or tablet.  For free there's no way to ask for a better official app either, as it includes free live scoring, video highlights and push notifications.playlinkmaster7


Yahoo Fantasy Football



Among the many fantasy sports apps out there, Yahoo constantly ranks in the top of them all.  Featuring all your favorite sports under one app, not just football, you can manage multiple teams, play with friends and more.  The app lets you completely manage your team and all the actions throughout the season from your mobile device, meaning there's no silly limitations here between mobile and desktop content.  My family swears by this particular app, and I have a feeling you will too once you give it a shot.playlinkmaster7

Madden NFL Mobile


EA has been the king of football games for decades now, and that won't be changing with this latest iteration of the popular Madden series of video games.  Built specifically for mobile devices, both touchscreens and controllers are supported here, bringing a true console-like experience to your mobile device.  Free to play and with plenty of in-game purchases for more content, there's not a whole lot else that needs to be said.  If you love playing football games this is the one for you, and it's the only live-action football game on the Play Store that has been updated with the newest stuff for this season.


NFL Connect


NFL Connect is an interesting take on social networking games, and provides a way to get into the game deeper and show your friends and rivals that you know how things work better than they do.  Essentially a game of predictions and accurate guesses, you make plays via cards as to what's going to happen next, and since it plays along side an actual live football game this makes for an excellent party game with friends during football parties.  Free to play and includes in-app purchases for content and gameplay.playlinkmaster7

NFL by StatSheet



Can't get enough of stats?  Is your brain constantly on football but you can't keep all your numbers straight?  No matter the reason everyone who loves football, or any sports out there for that matter, knows how important stats are to the game and your understanding of what's going to happen next, and StatSheet's reputation for accuracy and extensive knowledge of the game and its players carries over to NFL football.  Schedules, rosters, player stats and more are contained within the walls of this free app, and there's even great ways to share information on social networks so you can brag to your friends when their team gets trounced by yours.playlinkmaster7

iHeart Radio


I'm sure you're wondering what in the world I'm thinking, but here me out.  iHeartRadio obviously isn't an NFL app, but it's an invaluable tool for anyone who's ever found themselves on the go with no decent radio signal and no way to watch a game because they're either driving or in some other situation where watching live football just wouldn't work.  iHeartRadio has thousands of radio stations available no matter where you are in the world, and within those stations are plenty of sports-only stations that carry the on-going game with expert commentary to keep you up to date.  Best of all it's free since it's actual live radio, so grab this one in case you're in a pinch, you'll thank me later.playlinkmaster7