Top 10 Best Restaurant Finder/Review Apps


NomNom Finderunnamed (1)

Got a craving for food trucks? NomNom Finder is here to help you with that craving. We all need to nom nom every now and again, and it couldn't be easier to find your local cities best food trucks. You can tap on pinned food trucks to get details like directions, contact information and even the ability to call the food truck from the app. You can share your finds on social media and favorite the trucks you like, and the zoomable map will allow you to easily view the status of each food truck so you know who is open and who is not. Simple, useful, and free. You can pick it up here.


Everyone should be pretty familiar with Zagat, but as a little refresher it's a great little app for finding the best local food spots, bars, and eateries. It's a great source for finding places to eat and have a night out on the town, but it also serves up great reviews so you know which places to eat are worth your time and which ones aren't. You can filter reviews and restaurants by rating, and even read menus before you head out the door, so you can get a head start on what you're eating and where you're going. Even better, is that you can make reservations through Zagat with OpenTable, which is a fantastic little app for setting up reservations. Zagat is your restaurant guide at your fingertips, literally. It's free of course, and you can pick it up here.


Sometimes finding a great local restaurant requires no more than asking a few friends or family members in the area, but you don't always want to get up and leave the house. Perhaps you'd prefer a night in, but you don't want to cook. What are you to do? Use Eat24 to deliver food to you of course. Eat24 makes it so that your Android device feeds you, less literally and more figuratively, by helping you find places that will deliver and should you not care about leaving the house and simply just don't want to sit down somewhere and eat, you can set up orders for pick up as well. You can pay for food with PayPal or Google Wallet, and it's even optimized for Android Wear so you can order from your wrist, no smartphone in-hand needed. It's fun, easy and free, and you can pick it up here.



This is probably one of the best guides you're going to find that can help you discover the best food spots from over 1 million different restaurants, whether it be local or out of town. You can discover restaurants and then compare your food choices by rating, distance and cuisine. You can use the app to browse online restaurant guides by critics, browse menus and photos of food, and you can sort and map restaurants by popularity so you know what others think. Urbanspoon is free of course, and you can pick it up here.


GrubHub is another great application for finding some great local spots to eat and then setting up orders to have delivered or picked up, because you know, finding restaurants doesn't always mean that you'll be eating out at the places you find, once in a while you might want to eat from the comfort of your own home, even if that still means that you might head out to get the food. GrubHub is available in over 600 cities and encompasses 28,000 plus restaurants, so there's a lot. You can save addresses to order faster, search by cuisine, track your orders and you can also use Pay Pal here to pay if you don't want to use your credit cards or cash. GrubHub is free, and you can pick it up here.


Yelp is quite like Urbanspoon, where you can find local spots to eat and search for the best and most popular restaurants thanks to user reviews and ratings. View photos so you can see what food looks like,(we eat with our eyes first you know)filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating or price, and even write your own reviews of course. Yelp is free, and you can pick it up here.



This one probably came as a no-brainer, but Maps is still one of the best resources for finding local eateries and food spots around you. The reason being because it isn't nearly as limited as some of the other apps out there that you use to find places to eat. Since it users Google Search finding places is simple, and street view helps you see what the restaurant and the surrounding area looks like if you've never been there before. Reviews are linked to Zagat, and when you finally decide on a place to eat you can simply tap for directions should you need them all without leaving the app. Maps of course is free, and you can pick it up here if you need to, although this is probably pre-installed.

Restaurant FinderRestaurant Finder

As the name suggests, this app is here to help you find restaurants. It uses your location to bring up local spots near you, or you can enter your address and zip code manually, after the app finds you it'll pop up the surrounding restaurants on the map. Filter results by cuisine, or even the type of place, like restaurant, cafe, meal delivery, etc. The app also gives you information about the restaurants like open business hours, menus and reviews,and it has an easy to use interface and its free. You can pick it up here.


Find food, restaurants, and bars using Zomato in a large selection of different countries. Sadly, there is no availability in the U.S. yet, but hopefully this will be coming soon. Zomato does work however in multiple cities in the UK, Ireland, India, UAE, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Turkey, and many more. The app lets you build up a network of friends who also use the app, and you can find restaurants through them. You can of course rate and review restaurants you've been to, get deals and discounts in real-time, and in the UK you can actually book tables through Zomato using OpenTable. Zomato is free, and you can pick it up here.



Foodspotting brings things down to a more specific level when you're looking for something to eat, by focusing on the dishes themselves, with great looking large photos of a specific dish. Foodspotting lets you find nearby dishes instead of the restaurants, pretty much alleviating any need to look at the menu when you get to the restaurant, although you can still do that if you want to. You can keep track of dishes you've had and vote them up or down, and if you see something you like you can bookmark it so you can try it later. You can also see what other friends or experts are saying about the dishes around you, so you know what's really good.  Foodspotting is free, and you can pick it up here.