Top 10 Best Android Apps Monthly – September 2014 Edition



In today's world, you can never be too careful with your private data, files, or anything else that you hold sacred in digital form. Being secure with your personal information is not only a smart move, but it can save you from potentially having some of that data stolen and put to misuse, like information that you might send through texts and calls for example. BitTorrent recently released the Alpha version of their messaging application called Bleep, an app that allows users to securely message and call other users, with those messages and calls being encrypted so you can keep your data secure. They achieve this by now using servers for the chat service, and everything you send is stored locally on your device, and not in the cloud. The app is not complete just yet, but it easily is one of the best apps this month for the sheer importance thanks to the security that it can provide. You can check out Bleep in the Play Store for free if you wish to get started.


Videos are a great addition to the cell phone and as smartphones have become more advanced, so to have the video capabilities and now we can even record video in 4K on some smartphones. One glaring issue that had only just recently been addressed is a fix for taking videos in landscape even if you held the phone in portrait mode. Horizon has taken it upon themselves to correct such travesties as recording videos while holding your phone vertically(because to some people it just comes naturally to hold it in that orientation)by producing their app that records videos in landscape mode no matter what position you hold your phone in. Hold it at a 45 degree angle, it doesn't matter as Horizon will simply keep the frame in landscape orientation. Awesome right? The app is free, so if you've been looking for an app like Horizon your entire life you can grab it from the Play Store link.


Noyze may seem like a fairly simple app, and in fact it actually provides a usefulness to a very simple feature of the phone, the volume control. The app itself though is anything but simple as it offers a decent number of great features, however Noyze is simple use. The basic idea is that you can modify your volume controls in a number of ways, and customize them to your liking. Some of the biggest draws include being able to place the volume control panel anywhere on screen so that it shows up in any other area than the middle of the display when you hit the volume keys. You can also customize the design and backdrop color of the volume panel so if you want to give it a different look than the standard Android default volume panel design, you can do that. Noyze is free, although there are some features that require paying for the full version of the app. Noyze also requires not root access, which should be music to your ears if you don't own a rooted device. If you want to grab Noyze for yourself you can pick it up from the Play Store.


Adobe EchoSignEchoSign

Signing documents couldn't have gotten easier. Now thanks to Adobe's recently released EchoSign app that was just launched onto the Play Store. Now you can send documents that need signing straight to people through the EchoSign app, and you can pull documents that are stored on your device, from Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. As you can send documents that need signing right from the convenience of your smartphone while on the go, you can also sign documents on the go as well. The app gives you full control as you can delegate signing to another person and even reject signature requests, and of course you sign with your finger or with a stylus right on the screen. Best of all, EchoSign is compliant with the US Federal ESIGN Act, UETA and the Electronic Commerce Directive in the EU, so signatures are legally and binding. The app is free, and if you have need for this you can grab it from the Play Store.

 Kiwi CalendarKiwi Calendar

Kiwi Calendar is a fun social calendar application that can do more than just give you the days of the week. It tells you about fun events happening with your friends, and it can inform you of local things happening around you. It's a smart social calendar app that recommends fun events based on your real-time location, your friends who are attending, availability, and your interests, that way you never miss that next show at your favorite local venue or a busy hot spot when visiting out of town. Since the app is synced with Facebook, it displays friends from your Facebook page that are happening nearby, and it instantly syncs with Google Calendar and recommends events in the largest 100 cities throughout the U.S. It's a calendar app with a few extra twists, and it's free. If you want to give it a go you can grab it from the Play Store.

One Note For Android WearAH Android Wear One Note

This one is pretty self explanatory. It's an Android Wear version of Microsoft's popular One Note application. You can use it to take notes simply by voice, and speaking to your Android Wear smartwatch, whether that be the LG G Watch, the Gear Live or the Moto 360. It's simple, useful, and easy to use. The app requires that you have One Note for Android installed on your device as well, and its free just like the original app. If you have an Android Wear device and use One Note, you can grab this from the Play Store and take notes with ease.


Commute: Traffic ReportCommute

This is a nifty free little app from Mapquest. It basically notifies you about traffic alerts by monitoring the travel conditions along your route during the morning commute to work. You can input a few addresses and the app will notify you with alerts and conditions that might hinder your drive. Simple and useful, should you want to keep up on any major traffic issues before you head out to work you can grab Commute from the Play Store.

Wear Tip CalculatorWear Tip Calculator

It really doesn't get much simpler than Wear Tip Calculator. You can enter in the bill directly into the watch face with a simple dial that you drag around the screen. Once you have the bill entered the app will let your drag the dial around to calculate the percentage of tip that you wish to leave, and it'll automatically give you the ending balance as well as the tip total so you know exactly what to jot down. As an added in-app-purchase bonus, you can even use the app to split the bill between friends or family if there's multiple people. Wear Tip Calculator is free with the Split Bill feature available through an IAP, and you can grab it from the Play Store if you want to give it a try.

Trello-Organize AnythingTrello

If you need a great little tool to help organize group projects and get things done, look no further than Trello. Trello describes their app as being a whiteboard with super powers, and after a little bit of use you may end up looking at it the same way. You can basically write down your ideas on Trello cards and then organize them onto boards which you create, and to keep things extra clean and organized you can arrange them into lists, and then further enhance them with the capability to add checklists for to-dos, comments to update colleagues who you have invited to work on boards with you, and even see who's working what card. The app is free and it even has Android Wear support. If you want to check it out and see if it makes group projects easier, you can grab it from the Play Store.


Ask Me AnythingAsk Me Anything

If you have ever heard of or have visited the reddit website, then you probably know about the AMA's(ask me anything)posts that allow users to interact with certain individuals and ask them questions about, well.. anything. The app was just released to Android this month, and as one would expect it allows the capability to ask questions in AMA's as well receive notifications when popular AMA's are trending. It even displays what AMA's are active so you can participate in the group interview, a great feature to make sure that you don't miss out on something. See all answered questions, as well as vote questions and answers up or down. The app is free, and you can grab it from the Play Store if you're eager to participate in upcoming AMA's.