Top 10 Android Games For Kids

For those of you who have kids around and are looking for a way to entertain them, investing in a tablet might be a good idea. Considering not everyone has a gaming console either because they can't afford it or they just don't want to purchase it for some reason, investing in a tablet might be a good idea. There are tons of affordable Android tablets out there these days and you can get one on the cheap. The Google Play Store is home to many, many games and if you're looking for a way to entertain your kid for a short while or would just like to provide him / her some entertainment, this might be a way to go. We have a list of 10 Android games that might achieve just that, and give your kid some sort of entertainment, so check it out. Keep in mind that these games are not sorted in any particular order.

Angry Birds

I bet this one was way easy to guess and probably everyone has heard of it at this point. Rovio has made so many Angry Birds games that probably even the Finnish video game developer is confused. I've linked the original Angry Birds game, though there are many of them to choose from if you visit Rovio's page on Google Play Store. Keep in mind that most of the Angry Birds games function in a similar fashion, you have a slingshot on the left side of the screen along with a bunch of birds (depending on the level), your mission is to hit the pigs on the right side of the screen with those birds. You have to use as few birds as possible while getting rid of all the pigs. There are obstacles on the way of course. You get tons of birds with different abilities and each of these games have some unique features, gameplay and / or birds. There are some that work in a completely different way though, like Angry Birds Go (racing) and Angry Birds Epic (RPG). This game is free as are most of the Angry Birds games, though they offer in-app purchases.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is yet another game that I noticed kids love. The gameplay couldn't be more simple and straight-forward, all kinds of fruit appear on the screen and your job is to slice it with your fingers which act as a sword. You have to avoid non-fruit objects, like bombs, and you get all sorts of power-ups and what not during the game, as you progress. You unlock backgrounds as well and there's a challenge system integrated for getting awards and such. This can become rather addicting, like most of the games from this list. Fruit Ninja is free to play though it offers in-app purchases.

Cut the rope

This is another fun and extremely popular game. Your goal is to cut the rope (as the title says) and feed candy to the little green monster which is located down below. This is basically a puzzle game with 400 available levels and nice, pleasant graphics. Find a way how to get that candy to the little green monster and use your brain while doing it, a perfect way to get kids to think while playing a game. Cut the rope is free to play, it includes in-app purchases though, just like the two previously listed games. ZeptoLab made sure you have plenty of gameplay available, there's Cut the rope 2 also available in the Google Play Store as well as some other Cut the rope games, just like it's the case with Angry Birds. All Cut the rope games have similar gameplay, so your kid will feel right at home while playing either one of those games.

Where's My Water?

Where's My Water is Disney's puzzle game. The goal is to get the water straight to Swampy the crocodile because his shower broke. You have to find a way to guide the water to the crocodile by using your brain, similar to Cut the rope, kids will have to think in order to find a solution to all sorts of scenarios in this game. Water comes in various forms and puzzles are rather nice and stimulating. You'll have to pay in order to get more levels though, this free version offers only 15 or so, in a paid version you get more characters and around 500 levels to play with. Where's My Water sequel is also available on Disney's Google Play Store page.

Amazing Alex

This is another one of Rovio's games. This is also a puzzle game in which you get a house full of toys through various levels and you need to find solutions for various assignments. You get around 100 interesting levels to play through while you play in various locations. Lots of objects are at your disposal and I'm sure your kid will love this game. It's fun, entertaining and puzzling, which is always great of course. Amazing Alex is free to play and you can even create and share levels with other players all over the world.

Jetpack Joyride

This is an extremely popular and fun arcade game in which you go through levels collecting coins, avoiding certain objects and getting all kinds of powerups. You get all kinds of fun and crazy vehicles as you progress through the game. The game is rather fun though it's not puzzling / brain stimulating like the last couple ones I've listed. Jetpack Joyride is free to play and like most of these games it offers in-app purchases. This game comes from Fruit Ninja developer, Halfbrick Studios.


I've been hooked on this game for a while. The gameplay is simple, extremely fun and addicting. You're a ninja and you move vertically through various levels while avoiding all sorts of obstacles on the way. When jumping from one side to another you hit flying horizontal obstacles and you can earn powerups if you hit 3 of the same obstacles in a row. As you progress, you get more and more different obstacles to deal with. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible and a shield which you can pick up on the way will make sure to keep you safe until you run into something and it disappears. This game can be quite addicting and is free to play, in-app purchases are once again included though. If your kid gets tired of this, there's always Ninjump Deluxe you can try out, it's also free and it's rather similar to this one.

Subway Surfers

I was playing this game for some time while I was commuting and whenever I got some free time. It is really fun and addicting. You are running away from a cop and his dog which are not shown on the screen and have 3 lines in which you can move, left, center or right. You can also glide and jump. You achieve this by swiping the screen of course. Along the way you pick up all sorts of powerups and try not to run into a train or any other obstacle while on the way. You also get different characters and abilities as you progress. The game gets faster as you get further and you need to perform a certain action in a timely manner in order to last as long as possible. The graphics are pleasing and rather colorful and as I said, the gameplay is extremely fun. You can play the game for free while in-app purchases are available.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me is somewhat similar to Subway Surfers, though you get far more variety here. Weapons and powerups are present, along with funny moments thanks to the Despicable Me minions in this game while you explore the world in a variety of locations and complete missions. There are tons of costumes you can unlock and as I said, the gameplay is somewhat similar to Subway Surfers. Your swipes determine where will your running minion move next in order to avoid all sorts of obstacles. The game is free to play while it also offers in-app purchases.

Memory Matches

You've probably seen a game like this as part of a TV show or something like that. It's a good old fashioned card matching game. You need to match a number of identical cards with a bunch of them flipped on the back. You can set a number of cards you want included in general. You have all sorts of card themes available, from animals to sports. The game is free to play and it doesn't have in-app purchases. This is a nice little game in which your kid can train its brain to memorize objects.

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