tinyCam Monitor Now Includes Android Wear Support For Casting To Smartwatches


Over the last few months wearables have been big business. In spite of the technology still in its infancy there have been an abundance of announcements from the big companies about their intentions for the new industry. Motorola have released their highly anticipated Moto 360 smartwatch, Samsung and LG are on their second incarnations and ASUS, Sony and possibly even Blackberry have all been linked with new wearable devices. It seems the future is bountiful in terms of devices we will be wearing while using. Some people question the use of such technology and whether a smartwatch (or similar) is really needed in the world where everyone has a smartphone. Well, today it seems tinyCam Monitor have provided an extra reason to highlight how useful the technology currently is and will be.

tinyCam Monitor is essentially an app which allows users to monitor their home surveillance system. If you have cameras installed for either safety or to monitor the children or for whatever reason, tinyCam Monitor offers users the ability to stay connected while on-the-go. However, with the apps latest update comes support for Android Wear. This in short means those who already own a smartwatch can literally use their watch to check the live feeds and to keep fully up-to-date on their home/child's security without the need for their smartphone.


Of course, the quality of video on smartwatches is limited but nevertheless in terms of what Android Wear support offers in this capacity is extremely beneficial. As well as generally being able to check the live feed, users will also be advised of alarm triggers via their smartwatch offering a much quicker ability to be aware and respond accordingly. This is a rather neat feature and especially for parents should set tinyCam Monitor apart from other surveillance apps which do not currently offer the feature. In addition, the support for Wear also offers users the ability to select a camera, move between cameras and zoom in. If you are interested then tinyCam Monitor can be downloaded via the Play Store. The app does come as a free version although unfortunately the free version does not seem to come with the new Android Wear support. For this feature you do have to download the premium version which at present is costing $3.99 on the Play Store.

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