Timehop Adds Google+ Photos Integration for Every Day Nostalgia

If your favorite day of the week is the day that #tbt is trending all across the interwebs, then Timehop might just be the perfect app for you.  Debuting back in March on Android, Timehop looks pretty similar to the ever-popular Instagram in a few ways, namely that it's a big feed of pictures that gets updated daily, but it's got one big twist that other social networking and picture apps just don't have: it auto-curates content and delivers a new picture every day just for you.  This is done through linking with various social networking and picture storage sites out there, and today Timehop is announcing full integration with Google+ Photos to bring more pictures of you right back to you.

Timehop works by taking today's date and turning back the clock one or more years, and then finds a picture of something you did that could best sum up your life activities at the time.  #tbt certainly has a new meaning here, and it's great because you don't have to do a thing to generate this content either.  On top of that there's always a factoid of the day given by Abe, Timehop's lovable dinosaur mascot.  Google+ Photos integration is perfect for the service since Google+ Photos automatically backups up photos that you've taken every day, and makes organizing them a breeze as well.

One big downside to the Timehop service that hasn't been addressed with this release is the requirement to use Facebook as a login.  Because of that many users are unable to even use the service at all, and it's rather odd that Google+ Photos integration is available but not login through Google+ since you have to link your accounts in the sign-up process anyway.  What's exciting though is that the update notes for the app state that more Google+ features are coming soon, which tells us Google login is in the works and not too far around the corner.  This is excellent news for those just looking for a little daily nostalgia, and will surely be a great addition to an already awesome service in Timehop.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out the Google Play Store link below and give this app a shot!


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