Third Quarter Predictions and So-Far Statistics for U.S. Carriers

Want to know something interesting, Android Headlines reader?  People seem to think that AT&T and T-Mobile are rising up while Sprint is slowly sinking itself in terms of subscriber numbers.  And what of Verizon?  Well, you tell me.  What do you think they are up to, how are they doing business- and subscriber-wise?  If you're saying to your screen "They're doing as well as they usually do, charging a little too much and having and gaining too many new victims", then you're pretty much right.  Now, we all know that Verizon Wireless is, and likely will be for the foreseeable future, the top dog in terms of subscriber base.

Verizon is not the only one to consider as massive as it actually is.  T-Mobile is not large, in comparison to Verizon or AT&T.  But it is growing, and it's growing fast.  T-Mobile got another 760,000 people on their prepaid and postpaid plans combined in the month of August.  That's one month, and that's also compared to third quarter of 2013 where they added 672,000 subscribers over the entire quarter.  Way to go T-Mobile. AT&T, being one of the two big guys in the United States, added a sizable number of people as well.  Analysts expect Big Blue to report roughly 1.019 million net additions to their subscriber base, including both post and pre payers. Sprint, however, is the suffering old man in the nation of the Big Four.  Sprint, obviously moving under the guiding hand of their new CEO, made moves and transitions in their plans and structuring of them.  Sprint added a doubled-data plan (offering 20 GB total) to spread across up to ten lines, as well as a $60 unlimited single-line plan, to rival T-Mobile's $80 personal unlimited plan.  On top of that, they also introduced an iPhone-only plan that is unlimited everything for $50 per month, an even greater value, that was announced alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Sadly, we will likely see Verizon still come out on top, but who's surprised there anymore?  T-Mobile is still growing, and we are all eager to see the things that come of that.  AT&T is sort of puttering along, growing as it goes but nothing too remarkable.  And Sprint, oh Sprint, will likely continue to provide both a nice competitive set of plans and pricing to face T-Mobile, while losing customers thanks to their historically less-than-satisfactory network and coverage. Which carrier are you with, and what keeps you there?  What's the main factor when choosing to either stick with a carrier or jump ship?  Let us know down below.

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