The Long Awaited Android L Statue Might Appear Very Soon

When Android L debuted this year at Google I/O we learned a lot about what was new in L and what it's improvements were, but there was one important thing that Google kept under-wraps. If you're any kind of Android fan you will know that thing is the name of the L release of Android, that's right, no name! They have been teasing us with it for months now, but now we may be closer to learning what L stands for than we think.

A man named Fr©d©rik Lajoie took to Twitter recently with a pair of pretty interesting photos. The first photo shows a lot of work being done by construction workers around Google's well-known Android release statues that show every release of Android. This tells us that something big is probably getting added very soon. The second photo shows a flyer posed at Google that says a crane lift will be getting used in the area on Saturday at 6am, a crane lift is typically used to bring in a new Android release statue. Both of these photos really have folks, including us, thinking that the Android L statue will be getting added tomorrow and with it we will obviously learn its true name. 

While some people are saying that these two photos aren't enough evidence to prove that the Android L statue is getting added tomorrow morning, there's a good chance this is what it is. Regardless of what's going to go down around the statues tomorrow, one thing is for sure, something is going to happen and we are very curious to see what exactly that is.

We are curious to know what you guys think of this whole scenario. Do you guys think that Google will be adding the Android L statue to the yard tomorrow, finally revealing to the world its full name? Or do you think this whole thing is getting blown way out of proportion and it will turn out to be nothing special? Whatever actually does go down, we will let you guys know the details ASAP so be sure to stay posted to Android Headlines.

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