Take A Peak At The New Cases For The Note 4 Including The LED And Swarovski Models


Today so far is definitely Samsung day. With their pre-announced Samsung Unpacked event well-underway we are seeing an abundance of announcements made. However, a lot of the buzz (as expected) surrounds the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This has been a long awaited device which has clear high expectations from the market. So far we know the Note 4 offers a 5.7-inch Quad HD (2560×1440) display, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 805 processor (clocks at 2.7GHz), 16MP rear camera, 3.7MP selfie-taker and 32GB internal memory In addition, we have seen a number of announcements in terms of the accessories and add-ons and with Samsung being Samsung the Note 4 is launching with at least five different covers. This is not to mention how many (both official and unofficial) will be released in the coming months but either way we have five for sure available when the device lands in October. Already this morning we discussed the interesting looking Swarovski crystal cover which is a must-have for anyone looking to be part of the bling ring. However, we did not provide too much information on the others so here's a brief update. In addition to the Swarovski Crystal back cover there will also be another four covers available. The first up is the S View Wallet which is the now Samsung typical cover with a view section missing from the cover allowing for easy viewing of the device. The next up is the S View cover which similar to the S View Wallet offers users direct viewing of the main screen. However, different to the Wallet the S View allows a much wider and larger viewing area. Probably the least interesting is the Flip Wallet which as the name suggests is simply a standard flip cover case with no viewing possible. Lastly, and probably most interesting (if you are not a Swarovski fan) is the LED cover which shows basic information like the time or date through an LED formation on the actual case. There is no screen, but the details are simply presented almost etched into the cover. This last one is a little gimmicky and to be fair is more of a copy of the Dot View Case offered by HTC. But still it looks quite good. So there you have it. So far five main cases up for grabs for the Note 4. Any favourites? Which case would you to choose? I'm a classic guy so maybe the standard and boring Samsung S View Wallet for me.

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