Your Tablet, Your Connection With Nature

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One of the great things about technology is the way it can reconnect us with the people and places around us. It can also help us get back in touch with nature, too. More people than ever are suffering from nature deficit disorder, disconnected from nature and all of the benefits of getting outside and being active. With access to nature guides, GPS functions to help you find your way, and as a photographic assistant, your Samsung NOOK Tab can be your tool to getting back in touch with the great outdoors and reaping all the benefits of being outside.

Find Wildlife Guides

One of the advantages of a tablet like the NOOK is that you have access to a huge library of books, including some of the best wildlife guides. For birds and reptiles in particular, identifying what you are seeing when you’re in the field can be difficult, so having the widest array of books and guides available is important. You’ll be able to figure out what you’ve spotted. Not only that, but there are apps  that can help you keep track of the wildlife you’ve found and maintain life lists of everything you have seen. Some apps even include the sounds animals make, so if you’ve heard a bird call, you can listen to similar sounds and determine what you heard. With the light-weight portability of a tablet, all of your information is ready to go and right there with you when you need it. There’s no need to lug a stack of books around with you, or to have to wait until you get home to identify your wildlife; it’s all available in the palm of your hand.

Get Kids Back into Nature

Adults aren’t the only ones who need to get back outside. Playing outdoors has a multitude of benefits for kids, from keeping them fit and healthy to reducing symptoms of ADHD. Kids don’t spend as much time outdoors as they did just a generation ago, and encouraging outdoor play can only help them. Utilizing your tablet to turn the outdoors into a great adventure will help them make the leap into nature that they need so much. Help your child spot plants and animals, and keep track of them on your tablet. Watch videos of animals you want to see, then go outside and try to spot them. Read books about the places you have gone and the things you have discovered together. Watch the night sky with a map to guide you to specific constellations. Your tablet can be a great tool for connecting kids with the great outdoors.

GPS  Features Help You Know Where to Go

Finding a place to get back into the great outdoors can be daunting, especially when you haven’t been in a while. Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro, looking to find a new place to explore. In either case, having a good GPS can help you find your way through the wilderness, or just across the campground. You can also use mapping features to plan your trip and to choose places to stop, as well as research parks and natural areas to find amenities or special alerts. Many park systems have interactive websites that work with your GPS-enabled features to help you find the places nearest to you, or that have your specific needs. Planning can make or break a great trip, and the ability to not only research in advance but easily record and then take that information with you can be very helpful. With a pocket-sized tablet, you always have your route ready to go.

Have Your Own Photography Assistant

Once you’re outside, capturing the moment can be easy with your tablet in hand. Not only can it take pictures itself, but your tablet can be a fantastic photography assistant. With apps that can control your DSLR camera, to those that edit your photos to make them as beautiful as possible, taking pictures is easier than ever. You can also upload and share your adventures with friends and family, all from the same device. By having something small and light-weight with you, connecting with nature and then bringing it to other people is a simple matter.

Getting Outside is Good For You

At the end of the day, getting back into the great outdoors is good for you. Not only does it encourage healthy behaviors and reduce stress, but it’s good for your brain, too. Spending time outdoors is good for kids, and you can both boost your creativity through nature spotting and photography. Finding animals and plants is a great way to bond, and keeping track of them can be a lifelong activity. With your tablet, you can track everything you’ve found and easily share your adventures with your friends and family, encouraging everyone in your life to go spend a little time out in nature.